Sunday, November 22, 2009

Because British Boys Are Sexy

so lets start with a nice piece of ass. music cutie mark ronson was at some sort of charity thing with brit comedian david walliams and david decided to pants poor mark in front of everyone and of course it ended up on youtube. i feel bad for mark cause it wasnt planned. but. nice ass!!!

and here is the vid.

so this is actor/dancer gareth davis.

ive heard of autofellatio but not autoanilingus. you're almost there gareth! just a little farther!

colin firth and nicholas hoult. whose hole is puckering?

so any fag worth his salty cum should know this is alex pettyfer.

i just want to cum all over his face and lick it clean. and i dont even like the taste of my own cum.

blumpkin? stop looking at me like that. you know you would too. he looks fucking hot on that toilet.

oh my word! i want to be that cigarette.

hes just too fucking sexy.

its been far too longs since we've had the skins fags on here.

so lets talk about the tittensors who can apparently fit two dicks each in their tight pink asses.

elliot sees a pink ball and he immediately gets the urge to start sucking.

whose hole is puckering? both. neither one of these boys is butch enough to fuck anything.

oh look. elliots fag hag is effy.


sorry. i had a tiny freak out there. but then i realized that this means absolutely nothing. hes probably just bi. hell im gay and i make out with rmfg all the time. its just something to do when we're bored.

and besides. after seeing this photo there is nothing elliot could do to make me think hes straight.

fudge packer.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Fags Of Twilight

lets start off with hottie kellan lutz.

kelly has gay face and the biggest dick sucking lips i have ever seen in my entire life.

i bet he likes bukkake.

here kelly is trying his hardest to make my manhole twinkle like a vampire in the sun. its working.

can i suck your dick please?

im so gay.

so im fucking this dudes face.....

i just want to put that tongue to work in my ass.

so this stud is daniel cudmore. hes 6'7''. that can mean only one thing. huge cock.

and this cum loving fag is charlie bewley.

whose hole is puckering?

is it just me or are these two so obviously a couple? look at the way charlie is leaning close to danny.

someones happy to be getting fucked tonight!!

and lets end with another vampire. ian somerhalder. he has dick sucking lips too. but does he have an ass fucking dick?

bye bitches!