Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sphincter

heres hunky footballer michael ballack. id love to crawl between those legs of his and see what hes got squeezed into those shorts.

looks like someone beat me to the punch.

well they both look satisfied. that was quick.


the love of my life putting on his best bitch face. hes soooo cute when hes cranky.

is that what his butt hole looks like after its been fucked?

oh dear me.

id so wish my dick was that bottle if it weren't for the fact that hes biting into it. and is it just me or does that look like cum hes drinking?

oh its the tongue again.

seriously crissy your tongue and my ass need to get acquainted and soon.

cunt face slut ass skanky cum eating whore motherfucking dhlakjdlknlgk jldkj lkdfj ld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why do you always do this to me crissy?!?!

thats what you get! now go get lie down in bed so i can blow you and make it better.

he does this every time he cums.

heres the hunky sydney convicts rugby team. we all know im obsessed with ruggers.

im taking these two home and getting double fucked!!

im sure they claim to be straight but we all know that deep in the recesses of their ass holes all ruggers are queers.

look at these two. being drunk is no excuse. these two have an itch in their ass a girl cant scratch. unless she has a strap-on but only carpet munching lesbos get those.

they sure are going at it. oh. wait. my bad. they are gay! apparently the sydney convicts were the first gay rugby club in australia.

this ones my favorite!

no wait. this one is. hes making my ass twinkle.

i bet he could fit both their cocks in his mouth. on second thought im sure he already has.

awwwwwwww. see if they were straight they'd just want to fuck each other. but these two are really in love.

and these two are fingering each other.

i can fit this whole thing in my ass!

i have the feeling thats not the only place hes put his tongue on that cheeky fairy.

and on that note im off to play with myself and think about what these queens get up to in their locker room. im sure its mostly butt munching and cock sucking since they're clearly all bottoms.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Men Are Gay. They Just Don't Know It Yet.

lets start things off with footie player david villa. anyone want to slide their ass onto that finger?

villy looks like hed rather be sucking dick than playing football.

looks like lucas podolski just got fucked senseless.

heres irish rugger hunk luke fitzgerald looking like he wants to get fucked.

i stand corrected. he wants to get fisted.

i think we all know footballer, gay icon, and future husband of tim frix cristiano ronaldo.

cristiano must like having balls near his ass.

why crissy?!!!!!!!!!!! why?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the things i could do with that tongue.

hes thinking about cock.

heres crissy foolishly trying to distract the opposing team by showing them his scrumptious ass.

but now he has to run from the ass hungry fudgepackers.

oh no! it looks like they caught crissy! he's out of focus but one of the other footie players is fucking crissy with his massive cock!

and now that their all done with him they've left crissy bruised and fucked and covered in cum.

crissy: getting fucked hurts!! me: yes crissy. yes it does.

but always the trooper crissy picks himself up and wipes the cum from his lips. and next time a fag cums anywhere near him he'll bend the bitch over and split his ass in half. and if you're lucky that fag will be you!

and now i leave you with uberhunk reese rideout painting a wall. sadly he doesnt paint it with his cum.

my only complaint is that he isnt naked. i thought he knew all we care about is those bulbous ass cheeks and that huge dick! anyfuck i wish i had a guy who was handy like this. ab and that fruit rm are useless.

p.s. seriously reesey poo if you want us to believe youre straight and fuck your wife in the puss dont devote an entire vid to you redecorating a set like a good little fag in capris. its the gayest thing ever. made even more gay by the fact that its a set you're going to be fucking a man on. and dont even get me started on your sashay at the end. seriously honey.

yeah. he looooooooooves pussy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scott Herman Is Setting Off My Gaydar

so lets start off with this pic of scott doing his best to make our sphincs tatum with those devilishly sexy eyes of his.

and here he is trying to make all the tops out there spontaneously cumbust!

i think i see someones dick head!

yay! theres hope i can get scott to fuck me without getting him drunk first! hes wearing 2xist and we already established those are the gayest underwear ever. and if you arent gay before you put them on after you do they'll make your hole start to pucker. thats how i turned rm.

see. hes already trying to get the photographer, who must a gay guy, to fuck him.

bitch must be gay. his ass is so hungry its eating his underwear.

omg! omg! omg! omg! hes wearing a jock!! please tell me we get a back shot!!

yes!!! that is the sexiest, perkiest, fuckiest ass ever! you could eat cum off it.

but i cant tell if its puckering or not.

so like i said these pics have my gaydar going off and by that i mean im cumming uncontrollably out of every orifice i have. but before i declare this boy officially a fag we need more evidence.

lets see. here he is shaving his chest.

and if hes this uhm....anal about shaving his chest before one of his photo shoots he must have shaved his ass before he took the above pics right? so gay. well there isnt a vid of him shaving his ass but there is this vid of him shaving his crotch.

and hes talking about picking someone up in the gym? thats like the gayest thing ever!

no wait. this is gayer. hes talking about exercising his ass. hes not just gay. hes a cum loving bottom.

and here is totally ready for gay pride.

totally a butt muncher! okay so hes probably straight cause most guys that make my ass cum are. but a fag can dream right? then again. hes dedicated this whole vid to talking about some annoying chicks hitting on him?

what straight man goes out of his way to complain about being hit on by girls? this vid is totally his cumming out. what? let me have my faggy dream!

anyway i leave you with this vid of scott giving his dick in a box to some lucky fudge packer.