Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i need ass cruisin with aaron james. i need it. and none of the blogs i frequent have uploaded it yet. so if you happen to hypothetically know where i can hypothetically get a free hypothetical copy that would be great.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Because I Care About Your Balls


number of successful blow jobs: 5.

number of fingers: 2. guess where.

oh and tongue. i like tongue.

light spanking is nice.

rm still trying to steal ab but i should share more and rmgf and i have decided that we enjoy watching them run around shirtless and sweaty.

ab will now stand for actual boyfriend. as in he actually introduced me to his ex as his boyfriend. yay me.

oh and ab has gotten pretty comfortable at mine. so comfortable that he now walks around in the nude when we wake up. while rm may want to steal him he doesnt like seeing him nude.rmgf and i dont seem to mind though. fuck...whoever.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Forgot To Mention

i told ab about the blog. he wasnt excited about it. cant blame him. dont know how id react if he were to tell me he ran a blog where guys sent him photos of themselves naked. actually id react with a boner. but im not upset with him for his reaction. its not as impersonal as porn but then again its not as bad as hooking up with some other guy. whatever. he didnt storm out or anything. he wasnt so much mad as a bit shocked. and he did ask to see it. i finally showed it to rmgf as well. i advised rm not too look as the gayness of it all might shock him or something. also, rmgf walked in on me and ab just as i was getting the hang of having a mouthful of cock. she has no boundaries but she promises to share her blow job secrets so its okay. fuck you.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Don't Hate You. I Just Think You're A Dick. But Thats Okay. I Like Dick.

so i have an anonymous reader. a new one. probably not my anonymous from way back (are you still out there by the way?). anyway hes been getting on my nerves. so ive decided to make this post to address some of his comments to set the record straight for him and anyone else that thinks the same things he does. so here is his first comment that started it all that he made on this post:

Actually, I don't know what's gayer-

Two guys going on a picninc together
A guy as obssessed with shows like Gossip Girl as you are.

Cut the guy some slack. At least he's trying to be sweet.

so this was fair. picnics may not rock my boat but ab was being sweet and like i said i did enjoy myself a little. so anyway i responded with this:

for your information i am obsessed with gossip girl because i am lusting after chace crawford and want to have sweaty, dirty, wild sex with him all night long. and there is nothing gay about man on man sex. oh wait. shit.

so then he comes back with this:

It just doesn't make sense for someone to bitch about a person being too gay when they themselves are a card carrying member of the my little pony fairy princess club. That would be like paris hilton calling someone a stupid slut.

so then i come back with:

well i think she would know.

so here is what i have to say. boy likes girl. top like bottom. butch like lipstick lez. opposites attract. and what attracts me is hot, straight acting guys. jock/frat types. like jessie from big brother. not jack mcfarland. which is why someone who watches gossip girl would like someone who watches football. i refuse to apologize for that. also, i have never nor would i ever play with my little fucking pony. and i am not a fairy or a princess. yes the sight of chace crawford causes a state of euphoria that can only be described as girlish glee but thats about as close to a princess as i get. so fuck you asshole. and another thing, i never called him gay. i said buying flowers for a guy is gay. and fyi he didnt buy me flowers or take me on a picnic cause hes gay. it was cause until recently hes dated chicks and they're into all of that stuff.

so moving right along then i get another anonymous comment on this post and i believe it was left by the same guy. here it is:

why do you always comment your own blog mac20/dickophile?

now i am not entirely sure what that picture proves other than that anonymous has a lot of time on his hands, but i am not nor have i ever been mac20. mac20 is just some guy that reads my blog and said something about me that i liked. a perfect descriptor of me. i am manic at times. i am most definitely adorable. and even in my current state of frustration i am really fucking horny. you see mac20 gets me. he describes me perfectly, and i wanted to share it with everyone cause its both spot on and funny. so just so you know anonymous i am not mac20. he is not me. and i dont comment on my own blog other than in response to other people and using the name dickophile. i dont know who you are (willy maybe?) but seriously, fuck you! unless you're hot. then you can do and say whatever you want to me. but other wise fuck. you. dick head. in fact, fuck you all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

odds and ends

1. i think my roommate is trying to steal my almost boyfriend. the two have been spending more and more time together playing with balls (no not each others) and doing other things straight boys do together even though one of them is gay.

2. rmgf says my ass hole is pinker and prettier than hers. please do not ask how she knows this. i will never speak of it again except to brag that mine is nicer.

3. i told rm and rmgf about the blog. rm said the idea was genius and that he wishes he had thought of it when he was single only with girls sending pics. rmgf asked to see it. i told her it was nothing special, there weren't that many pics and that all around the blog was a failure. pitiful really. no rugger hunks. no frat boys. no 11 inched studs to speak of. and trust me girl is a size queen. she would not be pleased. word has spread to my other friends and a few of them joked they would like to be on the blog. i may tell ab soon.

4. ab is on his way over now to watch project runway with me. i will not allow him in until he removes his shirt.

5. fuck you all.

Monday, August 4, 2008

AB Makes It All Better

(from here on out the guy i've been occupying my time with will be known as ab as in almost boyfriend. hes not technically my boyfriend and we havent known each other long but id really like one and i figure if i play my cards right thats where we're headed.)

so i was having kind of a bad day yesterday. wont go into why but it was just sucky. so it was late at night and i didnt feel like sleeping and i was lonely. so i called ab. he was asleep but he headed over anyway. we cuddled on my couch and i told him about my day and watched some tv and then went to bed. well when i woke up i saw he had a hard-on. and well i reached over and started jerking him off. he woke up and got even harder and i kept jerking him and we started making out. after a while he came all over. he told me it felt amazing and then reached under the covers to return the favor. it was really fucking hot. after i came we stayed there kissing and stuff for a while and then finally went to take a shower and then went to get breakfast. good fucks.

p.s. i think i may tell people about the blog. now that im out there really isnt any reason to keep it a secret anymore.