Friday, July 23, 2010

Reactions To My Open Relationship

sister thinks its a great idea and apparently shes already been in an open relationship without telling me. technically all of her relationships are open since fidelity is not high on her list of priorities but apparently there was an instance when her boyfriend actually knew she was fucking around.

rmgf does not like the idea because she doesnt want me sucking more cocks than her or bringing someone new into our foursome. but i pointed out that im not bring anyone new in. im just fucking new people and then kicking them out before they'll even meet anyone in the foursome. shes still against it. and points out that when ab runs for president it wont help that he and his husband have a slutty, cum drenched past of one night stands and gang bangs that ended in double penetration.

rm is proud of me for fully embracing all that gay culture has to offer and finally acting like a man by spreading my seed. though i pointed out im really acting like a mason wyler by spreading my ass cheeks. hes still proud. but not taking advantage of the situation. for now.

my parents dont know. lets please not tell them. i want them to keep thinking im a monogamous top not a slutty bottom.

ab isnt entirely convinced about all of this yet. i first broached the subject a couple of weeks ago when i realized that i was starting to get bored. and that i really wanted to fuck the hot guy that had just walked into starbucks. ab tried to avoid talking about it at first. any time i tried to bring it up hed just shove his dick in my mouth to shut me up. but eventually i got him to talk about it by doing what i always do to get what i want. i used my ass. and while riding his cock for all it was worth i got him to admit he liked the idea of fucking other people but doesnt like the idea of me fucking other people and thinks this means we'll eventually break up. he feels like the whole point of a monogamous relationship is fighting and suppressing the urge to go out and sit on some other guys face. i agree. but i dont know that i feel like fighting the urge anymore. dont get me wrong. i like monogamy. i want to be in a healthy monogamous relationship. i like having that one person you can always count on to fuck the crap out of you. which is probably why i want an open relationship and not a straight break up. but i also want some spice in my life and i want that spice to come in the form of some guys jizm splattered all over my face after hes done fucking my mouth.

but not forever. im sure at some point in the future i can go back to a closed relationship. ab thinks it may not be so easy once the floodgates are open to close them again. but i disagree. weve already forsaken all others for each other once before. who says we cant do it again?

anyfuck all i care about right now is that im one step closer to realizing my dream of fucking cristiano ronaldo. and chace crawford. and matt bomer. and both leos. and eric from true blood. and toothy tile whoever he is. etc. etc.

what can i say? im young, im hot, im horny and my ass is now open to all takers. yay me! now could someone please put me in touch with tommy d and arpad miklos?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who's Gayer: Cristiano Ronaldo Or Carson Kressly?

so now that we're talking about crissy again i thought it was about time i give you another post of half naked pics and vulgar bon mots.

so since crissy seams intent on staying in the closet with his russian girlfriend i thought id give him some pointers on how to seam less gay. for starters ditch the purse.

stop going on dates with your boyfriend. unless its me. also im not pissed about this cuntface going out with my crissy because hes really hot and i see a threesome in our future.

no more poolside orgys....

...without me. now whose dick should i ride first?

now for some advice on gay trolls. if you dont want them pestering you stop dressing like that. if youre walking around flaunting that bulge and that ass and all that gay they're going to try and buttfuck you.

but enough about the gay. lets stare at crissys best ass. i mean assets.

i just want to bury my face in it. and my cock. id think crissy was turning me into a top but based on the way my ass is tatuming id say im more versatile.

but before i fuck him i want to suck him dry. am i the only one who thinks crissys cum must taste like liquid gold sprinkled with fairy dust?

omg! omg!! omg!!! do you realize how close weve just come to seeing crissys bare ass?! i just want gnaw on that right cheek.

have you cum yet? if not heres some matt bomer to finish you off.

now excuse me while i go watch white collar.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Want Crissy To Be My Daddy Too!

so when i first heard my crissy was a father i figured it was just a hoax. and then i found out it wasnt and i refused to acknowledge it because that would mean crissy fucked a girl and that was just too much for me. but now it turns out that he had the baby with a surrogate which is the gayest thing ever. so now im totally ready to talk about it.

before when i called crissy gay i was just fantasizing. i always figured he was probably secretly straight but now i think i may really have a chance at blowing him one day.

just look at him. you cant dress like that and claim to be straight.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Is The Gayest Thing I Have Ever Seen. It Turns Anyone Who Watches It Gay.

i know because i just made rm watch it and now hes happily sucking my cock. im gonna make leo watch it next.

so if theres a hot straight guy youve been trying to fuck just get him to watch this video and itll do the trick.