Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Haven't Had Something In My Ass In An Hour So As You Can Imagine I'm A Little Pissy Right Now. Lets Hope This Makes Me Feel Better.

so the first crissy rony armani underwear pics are in and now i really want to buy these underwear. but not just any armani underwear. i want the ones crissy is wearing and i want to smell them and wear them on my face because i love him that much.

that bulge. is. amazing. and those legs. and those abs. i want you inside me crissy!

i imagine this is what he looks like when hes fucking some bitch doggy style. if only i could be that bitch.

i know that you think crissy looks photo shopped here but hes not. its just that the last two pics were so ass quiveringly hot they made you cum all over the screen but you were in such a daze you didnt notice which is why crissy looks all glossy and fake.

i thought david beckham would be upset about crissy replacing him but clearly hes very excited about this.

in fact it looks like he wants to bend crissy over and double-fist him. stay away from my crissy you perv!!!!!!

the always sexy alex pettyfer with something in his mouth.

and now the secret thoughts of a twi-fag.

hes so cute. i want to drink his spooge.

these are so adorable. they would look so cute on my new boyfriend. i hope everyone's staring at my crotch.

so this big piece of leo giamani-looking beef is joe manganiello. apparently he'll be on the new season of true blood (which means he'll be naked) as a werewolf (which means he likes it rough) who fucks jason in his stackhouse. well actually its sookie. but. a fag can dream. clearly they have to make jason gay at some point. hes already fucked every puss in bon temps.

fuck. my. asshole. this boy is hot. please let me lick you.

ta mothercunts!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


so as any flamer worth his liza minelli collection knows that british cream puff elliot tittensor came out on the cover of attitude magazine. well technically he wasnt cumming out. but. look at him. he might as well have run naked through a gay pride parade yelling "come and get me boys" while shoving a dildo up his twatensor.

i had already posted the cover but now ive finally gotten my cummy little ass er hands on the rest of the photos. they were on his profile. well okay they were actually on his profile at his new modeling agency. i guess the boy finally figured out that while shameless is a good show no one really wants to see his mouth move unless its sucking on a cock. anyfuck on to the photos!!!

scallywag. ha!! more like scallyfag!

lets just take turns licking him. me first!

aw. why faggy so sad? someone get him a cock to suck on so we can turn that frown upside down.

i see you like tea bagging.

how does he get his hair like that? i get the feeling it involves cum.

his nipples are so hard he could fuck me with them. also i love the fact that not only is his bulge huge but its shaped more like a cock and balls than a sock suggesting it may actually be real.

i think he wants us all to cum on him. i didnt know elliot was into bukakke.

and heres an honorable mention for elliots less hot brother luke.

clearly someones about to shoot a thick wad of cum down his throat and hes ready for it like cum starved baby bird.


sorry crissy but your bitch face is hotter.

much better.

someone must have mentioned pussy.

crissy sandwich!!

look at the fairy fly.

now watch as one fairy tries to fuck another in midair.

happy new year and fuck you all!