Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Give You Hot Straight Men With An Itch In Their Ass Only A Nice Big Dick Can Scratch

and heres another pic post to prove all men are gay even if they dont know it.

first we have rugger bugger hunk nick youngfuck. i mean nick youngqueer. i mean youngquest. nick youngquest. hes getting in touch with his gay side on the cover of brit gay mag attitude. and by gay side i mean prostate cause theres no way someone didnt manage to stick something up his ass while he was wearing these.

uh oh boys. i think i feel a tingle in my ass.

yep. mr youngqueer is making my hole pucker. his bulge would need to be bigger to make it tatum.

im not into rimming but id love to lick that luscious ass on his chin.

heres the hunky james haskell on the cover of the next dieux du stade calendar. this is hot and all but i hope they know our holes wont pucker or tatum or quiver unless theres some dick this time.

sadly james is straight.

i think. that shirt is fierce honey!

okay my gaydar is going off. and by that i mean my dick is pointing straight at the computer and my manpuss is getting wet.

its cute youre trying to look butch but no.

yep. hes a fag.

and so are you honey. you dont look like a russian gangster. you look like a lesbian.

heres new zealand rugger bugger ritchie mccaw. now that is a man!! james and chace should take notes.

can i have him for christmas?

awww. dan carter is so cute. why are his eyes closed? i bet someone shot cum in them.

is someone under there blowing him?

heres rugger fucker richie mathers.

are you gay richie? cause you sure like your sausage.

and getting your ass out on a field full of big strong men like tackling each other. its like you want a dick to slide up there.

yep. hes a cum loving fairy. threesome!

this is kris smith. dannii minouges boyfriend who used to be a rugger bugger. can we all agree we both hate and admire dannii? what kind of fucking name is dannii anyway?

anyone else loving 10 things i hate about you on abc family? its really funny and it doesnt hurt they have this hunk of beef on display. apparently he calls himself chris zylka but i think ill just call him master.

get on all fours bitch!

im fucking your ass and you will like it cunt.

20 minutes later.....

thats it? youre just gonna fuck me and leave? no cuddle?

cum dumps should be seen and not heard. now get on your knees and choke on my dick.

the end.

later cunts. i have to go clean up some ass spooge.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Footballers Are Gay

as a reader pointed out its been far too long since ive posted. so get ready for the first of many new pic posts. over the last week or so ive had my eye on a ton of pics i wanted to post but i just didnt have the time or didnt feel like it. but its time for my blogger blue balls to go away. so get ready for me to cum a big wad of blog all over you. enjoy all these footie cuties.

this is robin van persie. he doesnt know his teammates all jerked off in that ice bucket earlier.

heres the very sexy gareth barry. hes sitting down and licking his lips cause all the guys on the field decided to have a quick bukakke session. they just couldnt focus with this cutie running around and figured they might as well get it over with and facefuck him.

heres uber sexy thomas vermaelen.

heres bosnian footballer vedad ibisevic.

veddy is a fag.

veddy is in pain because he wanted to one up gareth by getting gang banged. he was fine until two hotties from the opposing team double fucked him.

but you cant blame them cause he was so asking for it.

this is bojan krkic.

and this is thierry henry.

bojan and thi are fucking.

for a while there they were in the closet and tried to hide their love.

but after a while they just couldnt take it anymore and outed themselves and now they never have to hide there love.

they're such a cute couple.

you can just tell they're in love. look at all these romantic pics.

they're the perfect couple. theres just one problem.

bojan is a cum loving slut who opens his hole to anyone that wants it.

you cant tell but hes letting this fag finger him in the middle of the soccer field.

and now thi is all alone.

sad. fuck you all.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want Tornado In My Ass!!

heres a post i wrote a while ago and forgot to publish. enjoy.

so as you all know i tend to get obsessed with certain guys. and after seeing these pics i decided i was totally obsessed with this guy.

so this is tornado from the uk version of american gladiators.

he has the most fucking amazing body ever. damn that stupid towel!

tornado is of course straight as proven by the presence of the pussy.

tornado isnt gay at all. ignore the fact that he seems to be trying to get his friend drunk while inching his hand up his leg.

and no way is he fighting the urge to swallow this hotties dick in one gulp.

and its just a coincidence that his cock is pointing directly at this guy.

and no way is tornie excited about getting a blow job from this purple loving fruit basket.

nope. not a gay bone in this boys body.

and hes not about to get a rim job from this queen.

dont all straight guys enjoying dressing up in leather lingerie?

and this pic wasnt cropped to spare these guys the embarrassment of their raging boners.

what is up with him constantly biting his finger? oral fixation? i hope hes not cumming in that hot tub. though that would be better than him peeing in it.

note the straight guy who is very obviously terrified that tornado and his friend are going to try and swallow his dick with their asses.

and as we leave tornado in the privacy of his room im sure he has no intention of sticking that bottle in his ass after loosening it up with his fingers.

go fuck yourselves!