Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuck Yeah!

my favorite sex toy is back!!! i can't believe im just now finding out about this. oh well. good fucks!

Stuff To Make Up For Not Being Around As Much

hunky male model rodrigo rothen stripped down at a fashion show recently.

read all about it here and see cool pics from the show here.

can you guess why i sent him out to get the ice? what can i say. we're really kinky.

you can see the original here with subtitles.

the 'when i grow up' video came out. i was a little let down cause they used some of the same choreography from when they performed it at jimmy kimmel and the vmas and i had wanted something new.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't Know Why...

but this song started playing in my head and i just had to share it with all of you. my favorite is the first minute and a half.

Friday, June 20, 2008


i know. i know.  i've been a very bad blogger. i haven't posted in a few days. but ive just been tired, busy, tired, busy. and a bunch of other stuff. im moving soon. yay freedom!!! so i've been packing up my clothes and some other shit though im leaving my bed and stuff where they are. mummy and daddy are driving timmy crazy but its almost over. okay bye. or uh good fucks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Poll Is Now Closed And I Still Have No Fucking Clue What To Title This Blog. RRRRRR!

so the poll is closed. 42 votes.

  • random smut/smutty - 1 vote (2%)
  • flickering queer/fag/homo - 1 vote (2%)
  • guy spot - 1 vote (2%)
  • daily cum shot - 2 votes (4%)
  • the vulgar monologues - 2 votes (4%)
  • cock and bullshit - 5 votes (11%)
  • the cum rag - 13 votes (30%)
  • dick pics - 17 votes (40%)
so here is my problem. dick pics won the poll. sort of. yeah sure it got more votes than any other title. but at the same time 25 voters (60%) don't like dick pics. so do i read it as dick pics got the majority of the votes? or the majority of voters dont like dick pics? i have no clue. yet. thats right. sorry but theres gonna be another poll. dont be mad. theres no other way. now 42 votes is small compared to most blogs but big for me so please lets have just as big if not bigger for the next poll which will be down to the top contenders: dick pics vs. the cum rag. which title will make the other its bitch? i dont know. you guys get to decide! so lets get to the polls shall we? good fucks!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Guess You Guys Like Dick

dick pics is kicking ass in the poll. 38% and 14 votes. im really surprised. there's still one day left to vote so get to the polls boys. good fucks.

p.s. sorry i haven't posted anything interesting lately. im a bad blogger. you can spank me if you like. but in my defence i do have a life. i may have time to post tonight though. but dont hold your breath. unless of course you like that kind of thing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


yay!!!! im not sure when it happened. i think it must have been last night sometime or maybe this morning. but we passed the 10,000 visits mark!! thanks guys!!!

p.s. keep voting! with two days left dick pics and the cum rag are tied at 11 votes each! keep it up boys!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks For Voting!

24 votes? thats a blog record! thanks so much. so the top contenders are 'cock and bullshit' with 4 votes, 'dick pics' with 7 votes, and our number one contender 'the cum rag' with 8 votes. there's still 6 days left to vote so get to the polls and make your voice heard! good fucks.

Oh My God I Think I Just Came

i was a bit upset when "the paper" went bye bye (when are they cumming back? i need my paper geek fix) but this sooo makes up for it. nice to know amanda is still ferocious as ever. if only she had dealt with those drones she works with in a similar manner (well, okay, while they're all dick heads they're cute dick heads and i'd do a couple of them). though deleting photos of alex as he watched looking like a sad puppy was quite brilliant. good fucks.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some Songs I'm Liking

here's a quickie. some songs i've been digging. hope you enjoy.

duffy - warwick avenue

now something happy the ting tings - that's not my name (wanted to embed the official video but it wouldn't let me)

sam sparro - black and gold - heartbreaker featuring cheryl cole

good fucks!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 16th Bitches!

finally! its almost here. and it feels like its been forever! what am i going on about? the return of weeds of course! i can't wait to take another hit! i just hope wherever they end up is as much fun as agrestic! im also looking forward to secret diary of a call girl. i love billy piper. if you're from out here in the states you may not know her but she played rose in doctor who. in fact shes been popping up all over doctor who* lately. well not all over. she's only popped in twice so far. but they were the two best moments of the season. anyway i hope you guys are as excited as i am. and if you've never seen weeds go find it right now, watch it, and then tell me you dont like it. i dare you. good fucks.

*if you're a brit you better keep your trap shut on all things doctor who. you guys are a few episodes ahead of us and if you ruin it for me i will hop on the nearest tardis and bring some daleks to your door step.