Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mason Wyler Says He's Fucked Up And JD Continues To Give Me Ass Envy

personally i think masons a genius. is it really so bad to think with ones cock and not with ones brain?

fucking right along. so how did i manage to miss this? apparently everyones favorite new gaylebrity was hanging out with some sexy porn stars earlier this month. and i feel like i must be the last to know. think they filmed anything? oh who the fuck cares. last thing i need is to be forced to watch this shit. not only did he allegedly fuck the silver fox but he probably blew that closeted baseball player and now hes rubbing shoulders and maybe even dicks with hot porn stars?! bitch is stealing my dream life!! i dont know if i should hate him or fuck him or both. hes just lucky it wasnt leo giamani cause then it would so be on! and by it i mean an orgy. or maybe i mean id fuck him up. or maybe i mean id let him fuck me up the ass. or maybe.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Series 3 Of Skins Is Over. But On The Upside Kurt Wild Has A New Blog. Sadly He's Not Naked On It. I Think Skins Is Being A Bad Influence On Him.

so i watched the last two episodes of skins.....nowhere near as good as series one. not sure what i expected from this series but i did come into it with an open mind. but the granny race, pepper contest, and the serious lack of nudity when cookie was supposedly so keen to get his kit off really dragged this season down. and then every other minute i was forced to watch two chicks get it on which is totally lost on a gay guy. i just kept wondering how they "do it". cause i didnt see them bring any dildos into those woods. unless they were smuggling them in they're pussies. but anyway i wouldnt say this series was horrible just not excellent. in my opinion it was totally close to being as good as series 2. and again it helps that no one died. though cooks father did come close to killing him. speaking of i have to ask. considering they made us wait a whole series to learn about cooks family was this really the best they could do? sure it was interesting. and i totally wanted to blow cookie to make him feel better when his dad threatened to burn his face off. but still. they should have covered all this back in the beginning instead of cooks boring birthday party. then i might have found it more engrossing. but after all this time it didnt really tug at my heart strings the way all the shit with the parents in series one did. at least jj was his usual adorable and funny self. effie should just run off with him. anyway series 3 may not have been mind-blowing (seriously though no blow jobs in sight. the faggy emo had to settle for his hand.) but im totally watching series 4. lets just hope theres more nudity. cause that will totally help. and even if it sucks we can just look forward to the fact that come series 5 these bitches will all be gone and we'll get a new crop of bi-curious brits to play with.

moving on. are you out there moji? im sure you've already discovered this but just in case you havent kurt wild, bottom extraordinaire, has a blog! heres the exclusive interview he did for it.

i guess hes always a bit nervous. he probably only cums out of his shell when hes getting fucked with a big cock. in fact i think he should do all his interviews with a butt plug from now on to loosen him up and make him less nervous. would you like to be his butt plug moji?

anyway hes super adorable but he needs more cock on his blog. but then again everyone needs more cock on their blog. fuck you all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Surf Camp, Reese Rideout, And Gerard Butler Make For A Mind Blowing Orgasm

heres a little something to make you hard. remember surf camp? i totally forgot about that show until the other day and decided to look it up and was delighted to find these boner worthy treats.

especially this one. its surf camp uncut which basically means its nothing but ass.

brennan is still my fave. i totally want that canuck cock buried inside me.

so heres reesey-poo continuing to send fags across the country into cum shock. this boy shakes his ass like a cum hungry bitch waiting to be fucked stupid. something you'd think a straight boy couldnt do. dont get me wrong. im not saying hes gay. im just saying his ass is. he has a gay ass and it wants cock.

so here reese puts some beer bottles in his ass. well actually its just his mouth. but i bet when he turned off the camera he put the bottles in his ass. sure he zooms in on some girl to make us think hes straight. but im not buying it. course i could be wrong. maybe he thought about her when he fucked himself with the bottles.

and lastly this is from rocknrolla. some fag tells gerard butler what we all want to tell him. and the result is quite hilarious.

good fucks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Bareback AKA The Bitch Is Back And Ready To Bend Over

no i didnt let ab cum in my ass. in fact i didnt even get any over spring break. sad i know. see i dont really like spring break. dont get me wrong i love being around drunken straight boys but there is a point where their company goes from boner worthy to annoying. plus they're always far more interested in the abundance of pussy running around. so while ab went off with his straight friends to get shitfaced and chase the puss and rm and rmgf went off with some of our other friends to do whatever straight couples do i decided to enjoy the solitude of my apartment. in other words cover every surface of it with cum. that is until my sister called and invited me to come and visit her. she broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago and i was suspicious she just wanted me to come out so she could have someone to torture in his absence but engaging in mental warfare with her seemed more fun than spying on leo and his various hook-ups. is it wrong to listen at the door while hes fucking someone? the muffled moans are just too much to resist.

anyway turns out that even though i was hanging out with my bitch sister i had a better time than everyone else. see abs group of straight buds included mr ambiguous sexuality himself dn. ab had planned on just ignoring him and having a good time but that didnt work out for him. he said having to look at dn everyday put him in a bad mood and his straight friends were totally unsympathetic to the gay drama unfolding around them. and i dont think it helped that he wasnt getting laid. hes cranky when he doesnt have something to fuck.

as for everyones favorite straight couple apparently rm got really drunk and flirted with some chick in front of rmgf so she decided to dance with some hot shirtless guy and the next thing you know they spent the rest of their trip fighting. rm is now trying to make up for it with cunnilingus and home cooked meals. idiot. so while everyone else was totally wasting our week off i was getting along with my sister for the first time in...ever. sure she told me i looked sweaty and gross when she picked me up but i just asked her if she had put on any weight and i think it made her cry inside. other than that everything was perfect. including the hottie i sat next to on the plane ride home. he slept the whole time which was perfect cause it meant i got to stare at him the entire way. is it wrong i snuck pictures of him? dont answer that. anyway things are returning to normal now.

and by the way you have rmgf to thank for todays blog title. ab was talking to ax yesterday and apparently his spring break adventures included blowing some straight boy who was so drunk he didnt even remember it the next day, fucking some straight couple, and having a gang bang with six guys. he claims he used condoms but this is ax we're talking about which is why rmgf said he had a spring bareback. now if you'll excuse me ab and i are still making up for a week without sex. hes asleep but my ass is hungry and i think i can get him hard enough to stick it in. ta bitches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So Much Shit To Talk About

so first off i will not be doing an official recap of the most recent skins. until we get some nudity back on the show consider me bored with it all. well, no, not bored. actually this was probably one of the best episodes yet since cookie monster managed to scare the shit out of everyone and reveal all their secrets causing effy to nearly kill the straight twin which of course ended with her going on the lam with cook. basically every thing is shit now. but without a nice flash of cooks sexy ass while he was fucking effy, or a flash of freddies ass while he was fucking effy, or really just a flash of anyones ass while they were fucking effy does any of that other shit even matter? no. it doesnt.

but it must be said that cook kind of comes out looking like the hero after this mindfuck of an episode. sure hes a wanker but if you consider that all the people who claim to find his behavior so horrible are either cheating on or want to cheat on their significant other cookie monster doesnt seem so bad. and when the shit has hit the fan who can effy turn to? freddie? nope. cook. so if i were effy i would get over that emo fag and start yanking cookies balls as a thank you. cause we all know how much he loves it when you pull his balls.

but dont even get me started on gossip girl. chuck and the hooker? really? serena wants to fuck a fag? i knew that guy was gay the moment he opened his mouth and cum spilled out. and why was it necessary for all the misunderstandings between nate and vanessa? if that episode where chuck tried to seduce v taught me anything its that vanessa isnt boring. her boyfriend just makes her seem boring. ever since he stopped trying to fuck his friends little sister the pretty pink penis has been seriously putting me to sleep. maybe putting it back in blair will fix things. like maybe he can get his clothes off again?

whatever. skins and gossip may not be giving me wood at the moment but here are some pics that are.

so this is really hot. and really gay. because basically organized sports is a conspiracy concocted by sports physicians, masseuses, and coaches to get really buff guys in all sorts of compromising positions. how much you want to bet athletes get weekly prostate exams? and yet this photo is no where near as gay as the next one.

now this is a gay photo. a blonde twink, a gay blow up doll, and a tranny.

even this guys think elliot tittensor looks gay.

so gay hes tempted to stick two fingers up the bitches ass. and elliots so excited he can stop himself from reaching for his cock.

if anyone knows who this is please tell me cause i tried googling him and i have no idea.

so this is a vid of that gorgeous straight boy from summer storm getting his ass spanked. its long and violent but so boner worthy. no actual sex but looking at this guys ass for ten minutes was enough to get me hard.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Which One Of You Bitches Was It?

so apparently one of you has decided to flee the world of cum. and i would like to know which one of you was it? did you think you could just abandon the dickophile and not pay the consequences? i order this deserter to reveal himself. his punishment is sucking ab off whenever i demand it. cause seriously it makes my jaw hurt.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jingle Cock Is Back. And It's Not Even Christmas!

so jingle cock sent some more sexy pics for you guys. turns out hes from london which is cool cause i love foreign cock. and we all know i hope to move to ldn one day and sample the cocks out there belonging to the sexy footie players and buff rugger boys.

i hope you enjoy the pics but before you do i would just like to ask does no one else out there want to send me pics? id take an ass pic. or even one of perfectly formed pecs. come on!!! dont you want to share in the sense of pride jingle feels in knowing that fags the world over are wanking to the thought of feasting on his scrumptious cock? thats what i thought. im gonna go check my email right now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Facts

1. rm and i have been trying to bond again and get our relationship back to where it used to be before that whole thing with ab. so this weekend he took me to the batting cages. which apparently is not some sort of sex club. i didnt have much fun since i hate balls and bats and having to play with them. wait. that came out wrong. anyway i spent most of the time staring at and groping rms ass. he didnt seem to mind but what did piss him off was when i flirted with the others guys. he doesnt like sharing.

2. so rmgf and i have been lusting after our new neighbor. lets call him leo. this guy is the hottest thing i have ever seen. he kind of resembles leo giamani. he has the dark hair and smoldering eyes but to be more specific they share the same rock hard abs. in fact his entire body bulges all over the place. its insane.

the other day rmgf and i were leaving to go to starbucks and he walked into the hallway wearing only his underwear. you cant understand how turned on we were. our tongues were literally on the floor but sadly they didnt get to go anywhere near his body. it was like torture. the only thing keeping his cock from us was a thin white layer of fabric. fucking fabric. fucking massively bulging fabric. sadly he seems to be straight. rmgf saw some girl walking out of his place looking freshly fucked. im surprised there wasnt cum dripping down her leg. lucky bitch. anyway this is what i have a fag hag for. rmgf promises to tell me how good he is in bed.

3. so i guess cause its been a while i can talk about it without getting in trouble. as you can imagine ab was pissed when he found out dn, his supposed best friend, slept with ax. he hadnt really been talking to him and then we saw him at a party at axs. dn kept trying to talk to ab so he confronted him and they started yelling at each other. luckily it didnt get physical. ax kind of got off the hook cause sadly ab has come to expect this from him but dn was supposed to be his friend so i think that one hurts him more. i feel bad for him but i think hes starting to get over it. i dont know if they'll be friends again but what happened is in the past now.

4. ab's mad at me. jock invited me to a party and ab had plans so i decided to go. hes mad and i guess i cant argue with him. i probably shouldnt have gone. well i know i shouldnt have.

but in my defense i broght rmgf with me to make sure i behaved myself. besides jocks girlfriend was with him and it was at his older brothers frat house which is like the last place hed try and fuck me since hes still buried deep in his closet. and the prospect of being at a party full of drunken horny frat boys was just too much for rmgf and i to pass up. anyway ive been making it up to him. one guess how. my ass helps me get away with everything.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top Or Bottom?

please. hes probably more of a screamer than kurt wild. or even me. but seriously all sarcasm aside im almost jealous. i bet he hypnotizes straight boys with his ass and then hops on their cocks. i must get him to teach me his tricks.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This Post Is Shorter Than Most Of My Pic Posts. But Size Doesn't Matter, Right?

so first is the love of my life. the ultimate in rugger bugger hotness. james haskell.

can my ass be that ball? please? pretty please?

looks like a spot just opened up on his cock. and its mine!!

now we have footie player daniele de rossi. thats um...mouthwatering.

oh boy. remember what i said about size? fuck that. bigger is better.

broadway stud nick adams bulging all over. theater queens can be tops right? cause this boy was built to fuck.

and lastly heres a cup of morning joe for you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freddie's Fucking The Straight Twin, Cookie Monster's Fucking Panda, Gay-J's Fucking The Gay Twin, and Everybody's In Love With Effie.

and nothing seems to make sense except that gay-j drinks cum when he gets over stressed. well actually its mango juice but even that seems gay to me.

so last i checked all the pairings seemed pretty straightforward. freddie and cookie in a love triangle with effie. naomi and the gay twin fucking. the straight twin snogging the sexy footie player. panda back with thomas after what seemed to be a one time thing with cookie. and jj of course not fucking anyone. but then a week passed and all the cocks and pussies hit the fan. and when they fell back down to the ground they were all mismatched. its all so confusing. lets see if i can try and explain.

so first we have freddie and the straight twin. in the past they've barely acknowledged each other but now they're fucking.

then theres panda and cookie monster. by the looks of it panda has gotten over thomas and is sneaking around with cook. cant say i blame her.

but cookie monster is still addicted to the cock which is why hes giving freddie a blow job. and hes so cum hungry he doesnt even notice jj.

and when gay-j found out about all of this he was angry cause everyones lying to each other and its all so confusing.

but i was too busy staring at cookie monster grabbing his cock to care about all of this.

and theres this for the pit lovers.

and heres cookie monster making weird faces. faces where his lips are parted so you could easily slip something in his mouth.

and here he is asking gay-j for a blow job. because even though hes fucking pretty much everyone on the show hes just never satisfied.

and here is gay-j staring at cooks cockie monster in awe because its just so big.

so i think this was a really good episode which isnt surprising since i love gay-j. plus all the bed hopping made things very interesting. and yet with all this fucking there was still no nudity.

as always you can find more caps over at fitmales and watch the show here. though it must be said that if one of the guys doesnt get his kit off soon i may have a fit like jj.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lesbian Dildos

so a reader asked me to link to her blog lesbian dildos. so if i have any lesbian readers go check that out. and if not, well boys a dildo is a dildo. if its good enough for ass its good enough for yours too. we've be stealing dicks and dildos right out from under women for centuries now anyways.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Make A Supermodel Fuck Me

so how do we feel about the new season of make me a supermodel? the guys are definitely hot but im not sure they're nearly as hot as last years guys. brendan was my favorite until he opened his mouth and then i just wanted to stick my cock in it to shut him up. which is usually not the reason i want to stick my cock in someones mouth.

this years androgynous model is definitely not as hot as last years. i miss casey. did anyone ever figure out if he was gay or not? cause my ass was really hoping he was. and this years gay guy whatever his name is, the one thats old and married is nowhere near as hot as ronnie. and i doubt anything any of them do this season will be anywhere near as hot as the casey/perry photo shoot which left me covered in cum.

and i dont think brendand and chris will be any competition for bronnie.

other than the photo shoot i was mostly bored. though in the preview for next week it seems brendan is taking it all off. so i guess theres that cumshot to look forward to at least. if you seek amy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

9 Dead Gay Guys

so last night i watched this hilarious british movie 9 dead gay guys. you guys should totally check it out. you can watch the trailer below but to sum it up its about these two hot irish guys trying to make it in london and to avoid becoming homeless they decide to go gay for pay. but unlike say kurt wild they arent taking it up the ass from some hot hung stud. mostly they're just blowing old queens. but then all these dead bodies start piling up and they're trying to steal money from golders green and theres the red bull test and all this other funny shit. anyway the nudity in the film is not exactly appetizing since most of the guys dropping trou arent that hot but its still a good gay movie and you should totally watch it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Just Made Me Cum All Over Myself

i have no words right now. just cum.

Nice Ass

so here is some footie player named bram vandenbussche taking his shorts off. why? he broke some sort of rule where your shorts and underwear have to match so when the referee found out he gave him a punishment and then made him change. football is so gay.

and just in case you want to put a face with the ass here you go.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Please Remind Me Why I Gave That Fucker A Key

so ever since i gave ab a key he keeps popping in unannounced and it scares me every time. is there some sort of cowbell i can have attached to his dick so ill know hes around every time he decides to show up without telling me?

the first time it happened i had just gotten home thinking i had the place all to myself since i knew rm was out. so you can imagine how freaked out i was when some half naked jackass dancing around in a towel and dripping all over the place walks out of my room singing circus. it scared the shit out of me but it turned out the jackass was just my boyfriend. as much as it scared me this turned out to be a good thing as it presented the perfect opportunity for some blackmail as my boyfriend likes to pretend he doesnt even know who britney spears is. but deep inside all those muscles is a nelly queen.

another time i woke up one morning and went into the kitchen. on my way in there i had seen rm walking into his room. so when i walked into the kitchen and saw someone bending down doing god knows what it startled me. i told ab that just because he has a key doesnt mean he doesnt have to call or knock or announce his presence anymore. he said thats exactly what it means. seriously. a cowbell. for his cock. a cockbell.

then last night im in bed asleep. i was having a dream which escapes me at the moment but i woke up cause i thought i heard the door open. i knew rm was asleep but i was still delirious and thought maybe i was dreaming and didnt feel like getting out of bed. i was stuck somewhere between dream world and this world and was kind of out of it. then i thought i heard someone stumbling around but once again i wasnt sure if it was real or it was just my imagination. then i hear my door creak open. in my delirious state i thought chace crawford had finally tracked me down and was coming to plow my ass with his pretty pink penis or maybe even shove it down my throat so id be too busy sucking on it to call him gay. so of course i was hard. instead it was just my drunk boyfriend hopping into bed with me. he said he wanted to fuck and i told him i was too tired but then he said the magic words. you can just lay there. so i said fine and he went about opening my ass up with his tongue. eventually i got up on my knees so he could stick his cock in. he went slow at first but after a while he grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard. then chace, oh yeah he was there too, started jerking me off. and every time either one of us got close ab pulled out and went back to eating me out. or maybe that was chace too. it went on for about an hour or at least what felt like an hour which was a bit long for me considering how tired i was. but at the same time it was so fucking hot. my prostate was in heaven. finally he decided to let me cum. so he pulled out, turned me over on my back, and jerked us both off on my stomach. then he collapsed and fell asleep. which pissed me off cause here i was tired as fuck laying in bed covered in cum and sweat. i didnt feel like moving but i got up and cleaned myself up. finally i got back into bed at which point the snoring started. argggg!!!! hes lucky hes as good at cuddling as he is at annoying me. but anyway its been decided. next time he cums on me, and most of it was his, hes the one cleaning it up. he'll use his tongue if he has to. i dont care if he hates the way it tastes. bitch.