Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cookie Monster Probably Would Try To Staple His Tongue To Naomi's Clit Except It's Already Stapled To Gay-J's Ass.

another week of skins. another week of straight boys acting like a bunch of cum hungry fags. and to think luke (aka freddie) actually said he wouldnt have a gay story this year. i dont think he realizes hes the biggest flamer on the show.

so freddie the gay emo was moping around because he felt like he lost his cockie monster.

but not to these blonde sluts cause we all know cook is a fudge packer.

no he lost him to gay-j.

and cook just made it worse by flaunting that gorgeous ass of his.

an ass that freddie would never again get to rim.

and those eyes. those gorgeous eyes hed never get to stare into as the cockie monster fucked him into oblivion.

and that smile. oh that smile!

and cook was oblivious. he was too busy being a gay soldier. the best kind.

hes so pretty when he (almost) cries.

so yeah other than that not much going on. this week was devoted to the straight bisexual lesbian. see naomi kissed a girl and she liked it. and then she freaked out cause that girl kissed her on her other lips. basically it was all lez, lez, lez, pussy, pussy, pussy, munch, munch, munch. who gives a shit?!

next week is gay-j so im hoping he finally cums out. but its not likely since he seems to tell effie he loves her.

you can watch this weeks episode if you want but expect lots of girl on girl. which is one girl too many for me.

more caps at fitmales.

oh and heres cook and jj acting kinda gay in real life.

so does anyone think we'll ever get nudity back on skins?


first off you should totally check out this hot blog i found called behind the gay door which is totally a reference to anal. i think. well you get to see plenty of cock either way.

second i just want to say thanks to all my fellow bloggers that link to me but i wanted to know if you could please change the title on your links from dick pics to dickophiles cum-filled world? i thought the blog lists would change on their own but they havent so if you could please fix that. thanks.

go fuck something.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Blast From The Past: A Lot Of Pics. A lot. Almost Too Many. Well Not Really But It Took Forever To Get Them In The Correct Order.

first i just want to get this hot as fuck video out of the way.

so anyway i was looking at some of my posts under the drafts tag earlier and stumbled across this one from may of last year. at first i thought maybe i redid it from scratch for some reason and published it and left the old version. but after searching high and low i cant seem to find it on the blog. i was gonna delete it but then i thought i obviously put all this time and effort into it so why not go ahead and post it. the pics are old and you may or may not have seen them on the blog if i ended up using them in another post but i hope you enjoy.

another epic post for you guys. enjoy.

first off is my english stud muffin mark ronson.


lucas neill needs to keep his grubby hands away from my cristiano ronaldo! he can put his hands on me anytime but not cristiano.

this is some cricket player named kevin pietersen. nice bit of bulge. good thing i don't have that guy's job. i'd be too tempted to spank him. and then see what he'd do to me as punishment.

rugby player danny cipriani.

wish he had the balls to show his, well, you know...

from left to right (in the order i'd blow them) tom rees, simon shaw, danny, and james haskell.

more of the hotness that is james haskell.

this one gets me. those eyes. oh god those eyes. is it possible for a guy to make you cum just by staring at you? cause i think he just did.

antony brant who used to be in some boy band called v. yes v. don't know why.

you'll get to see just how dirty he is in a second.

mhm. that dirty. do my readers from the uk know if he's gay? cause really that's kinda gay. and i refuse to accept that it's straight gay and not gay gay.

see. he' so obviously teasing the camera and that poor fellow sitting next to him. wish he'd grab mine like that.

would all of you look away please. he and i are about to have a private moment involving that finger and my ass.

and the blow dryer too.

okay that is waaaay too small.

kevin is saying "suck my cock bitch!" and this guy must not want to oblige. but i do! i really, really do!!!

more hotness after the jump. good fucks.

kevin mcdaid. also from v. also setting off my gaydar.

ian somerhalder.

channing tatum.

footballer lee vaughan.

gethin jones ass. well, part of it.

various rugger buggers i can't name.

model, actor, and swimmer trevor neubauer.

actor robert hoffman.