Friday, May 28, 2010

I Wish I Could Fit All Of Them In My Ass At Once

so this is my crissy with one of his balls.

and heres crissy showing off his ass for everyone.

do not touch my crissy!!!!!!!!!!!

as you can see being in crissy's presence has blinded the man on the left and is causing the man on the right to cum on himself.

and now crissys mad cause the guy came in his eye.

work it girls!

looking at this makes me want to burry my cock deep in crissys ass. am i a top now?

but looking at this makes me want crissys crotch buried deep in my ass so maybe im versatile.

look at that old queen begging crissy to jam his large pole up his ass.

so lets move on to elliot tittensor. and his hairy chest.

why are you still pretending to be straight?

see. you cant even keep a straight face when she tries to kiss you.

i hope hes licking his finger so he can stick it in my ass.

so this is that hot piece of ass tommy didario from high society. lets all get on our knees and blow him.

hes so pretty. i want to fuck the cum out him and then lick it off his chest.

now take those sunglasses off so i can sit on your face.

now excuse me while i figure out if im a top or not.

Monday, May 24, 2010

So I Just Finished The Lost Finale...

and i have no idea what the fuck just happened and i think i hate it with a passion that burns brighter than that stupid light in the tunnel thing that desmond easily could have turned back on all by himself, lived, then gotten on the plane with jack and the others and flown away. that easy. but no. he had to go to his family. because going to his family meant he couldnt turn the light back on. even though he could have. huh???? yeah. hate it. really, really hate it.

this would have been a better way to end it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Was Really Lusting After The New Doctor Until This Happened...

so im guessing theres no gym on the tardis. excuse me while i go google image captain jack to rinse this from my eyeballs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cum Makes The World Go 'Round.

no really. if there weren't cum there wouldnt be babies who could grow up and keep our society functioning.

anyfuck. sorry i havent posted in a while. ive been too busy fucking ian somerhalder.

he lets me cum in his mouth...

and sit on his face while i watch the vampire diaries.

and ive given him strict instructions to guard the family jewels when he goes out because otherwise hed be attacked by a pack of rabid fags.

so this is some hot german actor id really like to fuck.

so are we excited about true blood coming back and spraying its amazingness all over our faces?

i hear eric will be fucking a gay vampire so yay!!!!!! but boooo because he should be fucking me.

since your eyes are closed ill just go ahead and slip my cock in your mouth.

also this.

and this.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is It Weird That When I Saw This Photo I Shoved My Laptop In My Ass?

sadly that may be the closest ill ever come to having crissy inside me.

also why the fuck does crissy have to share the cover? with someone whos not even as hot as him?

p.s. have you seen elliot tittensors sex tape yet?