Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can I Just Slide My Ass In There Somewhere Please?

so here is matt bomer with some serious gay face.

and here is matt bomer with some serious gay kissing.

so if you, like me, thought there was even the tiniest possibility that bomey wasnt actually gay and that perez made it all up now we have proof. hes a big cock sucking, butt munching, dorothy befriending queen.

and this seems to be a week for confirmed homosexing cause i just found this vid of leo giamanni saying that hes bi and that hes starting to prefer guys.

and this one where he talks about hooking up with a guy.

so i guess my gay lisp theory was right!! but im kind of pissed cause apparently he was talking about being bi months ago. why didnt you guys tell me?! if a gay porn star or anyone for that matter admits to fucking guys off the clock i want to know about it! anyfuck im off to stick some fingers in my ass and pretend im getting double fucked by leo and bomey.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stop The Fucking Presses!!!!!!

so this hot piece of wangbone (are you still out there moji??) is matt bomer.

and hes on this new show white collar which is fucking amazing.

and this is what he looks like shirtless.

and while i was watching it my ass was puckering. but it was a sad puckering cause of course hes straight and theres no way in hell my ass would get to suckle on his matt boner. right? wrong!!

because according to perez hilton not only is he gay but hes out too!!!! oh. my. wangbone.

now how he manages to be an out and proud homosexual without my knowing it i havent a clue. cause ive been ogling him for years now on traveler and chuck.

sadly according to perezy he has some big wig pr boyfriend. i cant find a pic of him but im telling myself hes old and ugly and matt will run away with me soon enough now that he has a job again and doesnt need to be a kept boy toy anymore.

interestingly bomeys wiki says hes friends with zachary quinto. they went to college together.

now i wouldnt want to imply that quinto is gay too.

not at all.

but. if youre going to experiment with homosex in college. why not do it with matt?

if you want to thank me matt give me a blow job and then use your spit as lube to fuck me.

and now some pics of my new lover.

someones in the perfect position to get his dick sucked.

or to blow this fag.

i hope hes not a bottom cause he sure looks like one here. someone could easily come up behind him and slide a dick in his ass.

shall we play whose hole is puckering? im guessing the sex & the city cocksucker on the left.

hes so dreamy!

those eyes are mesmerizing. i would let him fuck me in any orifice he wanted. he could fuck my nostrils if he wanted to. dont look at me like that. you know youd give him a nose job too.

whoever brings matty to me like this ill let you watch while he fucks me.

ta cunts!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Today We Have Two Twinks For Your Viewing Pleasure

lets start off with less hot but equally gay tittensor twin luke.

i can fit this in my ass.

actually i can fit two of those in my ass.

why cant i be hotter like elliot? at least my hole is pinker. hand me those bottles.

i hope he wont stick those in his ass.

notice he doesn't stipulate that you must be a girl. hmm......

so hes not just gay. hes a drag queen.

and heres elliot just for fun. please stick those in me.

and now we have older twink alexander skarsgard.

can you say dick sucking lips?

does it get any gayer?

why yes it does. lets see if it gets any gayer.

yep. someones going to a circuit party. and it looks like hes already got something up his ass to loosen him up.

and here we have some lucky bitch with a mouth full of lexi's cum ready to get that bottle jammed up his assed. this seems to be as gay as it gets but im holding out for a pic of his swedish dick buried in some dudes ass. and fyi you're supposed to pinch it!!!

should i go with the 10 inch dildo or the 11 inch?

you want to suck my cock.

now if youll excuse me i suddenly have the overwhelming urge to go find lexi and blow him.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If Chuck Bass Has Kissed Boys Then Certainly Crissy Has

and once again its time to perv on that hot portuguese beefcake crissy ronaldo.

you can just tell this guys ass is spooging all over the place. he cant help it. thats just what happens when crissy touches you.

looks like this fag wants crissy to make his ass spooge too.

am i seriously supposed to believe this fashion loving queen is straight?

oh my! the tongue is back.

i wonder what hes gonna do with that water bottle.

here we see the crissy running free in his natural habitat.

uh oh! someone has startled the crissy!!

looks like some butt munchers picked up the scent of the fairy dust that sprinkles out of the crissys manhole and now they're stalking they're prey!

oh no!! crissy is teasing the butt munchers.

and now the butt munchers are on the attack!

the crissy has fallen!!

we cant show you what happened cause it was too violent but as you can see crissy has a mouth full of cum and the butt muncher behind him is trying to get the taste of ass and jizz out of his mouth.

but you cant blame the butt munchers. when crissy walks around dressed like this hes practically begging for someone to bend him over and give him a good fucking. cause im pretty sure homme is french for homo.

and now a used and cum-covered crissy is complaining to the ref but no one cares cause we all know he liked it.

ta you cable-knit queens!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chuck Kissed A Guy And I Liked It!!!

so much my ass wont stop cumming.

but wait. if chuck has kissed a guy before and the only two guys he ever hangs out with are nate and dan then doesnt that mean that they're all a bunch of sausage smuggling fags?

i just think it all makes this exchange take on a whole new meaning.

so when you watch this it begs the question did chuck give dan those pills so he could ass rape him?

wouldnt be the first time he tried to force himself on a humphrey.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Twink On Big Brother Finland Gave Another Twink A Hand Job

so on american big brother theres usually only one fag and hes usually not very attractive but in finland the cast is full of fags and they are hot! and while on american big brother theres never any sex the finish butt munchers above decided to make-out while playing spin the bottle in a hot tub. and then when they were alone in the hot tub the blond one started to jerk the other one off. and it gets better cause it turns ou this twosome is actually in a love triangle!! sort off. cause while they're jerking off some ugly fag decides to hop into the hot tub and spoil their fun cause hes in love with sampo who understandably does not feel the same way. why cant we have this stuff in the states?! anyway their display of homosex and bitchery made it onto you tube. you can see them and two other guys (who are obviously straight) kissing at 5:00 and the jerking at 6:30.

sadly ragnar was evicted so dont expect anymore vids like this. good fucking!

My Boyfriend Is Jealous Because Leandro Maeder Made My Ass Cum Last Night

so i absolutely loooove the rachel zoe project on bravo. its like the gayest show ever!! they've got rachel whos like a gay man trapped in a womans body, brad whos like the gayest individual on the planet (and who was showing off some rather girlish legs last night) and then to top it all of its all about fashion dahling!!! the only thing rzp has been lacking is eye candy. dont get me wrong i love the whole zac efron in thirty years thing rachels husband roger is rocking.

but he just doesnt do it for me. and neither does brad whos totally kurt wilds gayer, bitchier, and not nearly as hot cousin.

you think hes as much of a screamer as kurt?

anyway last night they made up for the serious lack of eye candy by having rachel do a photo shoot for v magazine complete with male models!!! and the hottest of the bunch was leandro maeder!

hes so hot just thinking about him makes my ass lips quiver. and im not sure but i think hes a poof too!! when he first showed up at rachels studio the sight of brad made him speechless! and when he finally introduced himself he was soooo flirting with brad. and as youll see in the vid below he didnt spend his time at the photo shoot flirting with jessica stam whos like gorgeous. no he spent it flirting with brad and calling rachel zoe the queen of fashion.

through the whole episode the bitch was pinging my gaydar! or should i say giving my man cunt palpitations!

so yeah this post is dedicated to the hotness that is leandro. enjoy.

someone really needs to cum all over this boys lips. please let it be me!

cant. stop. touching. myself.

heres leandro on a runway. his body is amazing!!!

fierce girlfriend!

i just want cum all over him and lick it up.

so with the lips on his face being so luscious and inviting i cant help but wonder what the lips on his ass look like.

can someone photo shop a dick into this pic for me please?

speaking of dick lets spend some time staring at leandros crotch.

his bulge is amazing and so are his legs.

can someone please just give me like 20 minutes alone with him?

but now to the proof that lele is a cock smoking, pole riding, hole puckering fag!

for starters he likes big hoses.

hes begging for someone to fuck him here!

hes obviously trying to entice some dirty fuck with a pit fetish.

and here he is cruising for some cock in an alleyway.

but do we really need anymore proof than this?

now if youll please excuse me i have to use my fingers for something other than typing. ta!