Sunday, December 28, 2008

BAH HUMFUCK!!! (Or Is It Bum Fuck?)

you dont have to read this. i just wanted to vent.

so. christmas. how was yours? i think id rather just forget it. it was supposed to be simple enough. my mother didnt feel like hosting or traveling anywhere. just supposed to be me, my parents, my sister, and her new boyfriend. or rather i should say her boyfriend of two years who we have never met. see thats how you do it. thats what i planed on doing. and then the bitch screwed it up for me. have i ever mentioned my sister? no? probably because shes an evil sadistic bitch. (can you tell we dont get along? my childhood was essentially all out psychological warfare with the bitch.) so say technically speaking i didnt actually come out to her. she wasnt high on my list of people to tell. and say after the mass coming out of fucksgiving she found out through the grapevine (i assumed my parents had told her awhile ago on one of the rare occasions they talk but apparently not) and say she was a bit peaved i didnt tell her myself. so say she calls me and that fucker ab answers my phone as he is wont to do (does he think im cheating on him? would i?) and say i admit hes my boyfriend. well of course she would tell on me. why? she's evil. so now i have my mother saying i have to bring him for christmas and ab saying he wants to come. but of course ab's mother, the salt of the earth a beautiful milf of a woman would never allow her son to skip christmas!! but no! he can go! she wouldnt let him come out to play for thanksgiving but since all four of his brothers would be around this time ab was disposable. (i would just like to take a moment to say that ab's brothers are hot. like seriously fuckably hot. like i want to have an ab family orgy as soon as possible.) so its all set. its going to be the six of us. ill be surrounded by mother, father, sister, sisters boyfriend, and ab. god help me.

i guess it didnt go too bad. and by that i mean i didnt have a nervous breakdown. as i assumed my parents sorta loved ab. hes big and strong and smart and every parents dream child. he even played football with father and sisters boyfriend. but still there was a wee bit of tension in the air. it was that look my parents would give even though they said they loved him. im sure all the bottoms out there know what look. the one a parent gives to the man thats fucking their son up the ass. oh sure id like to pretend that im man enough so that for all my father knows im the top. but lets face it. if youve got say brent corrigan and leo giamani standing in front of you it aint that hard to figure out whos fucking who.

perhaps the most terrifying, mind altering, life scarring moment came when me, mother, and sister were watching the boys play with balls. my mother announced that she wondered when she knew i was gay if that instead of ending up with a woman like her id get a man like father. and i did she said. huh? what? wait. no. hes not. he. fuck. it was true. i realized. tall. athletic. jock. good looking. good family. slightly drunken youth. but still upstanding. im. fucking. my. father!!!!!!!!!! apparently my sister is too. and so the two of us sat there in silence. watching them. as we watched them they all seemed to morph into a single being. with one big jock brain. and those words ringing in my ears. you're fucking your're fucking your father..... i called rm for support but he of course laughed. and laughed. fucker. rmgf says shed love to fuck my father. she needs help. i think this means i have to break up with ab. right?

we spent the night. parents in one room. me and ab in another. sister and boyfriend in another. i think if it had just been me and sister hadnt come home they would have put me and ab in different rooms but well with her and boyfriend there everyone would have had to be separated to keep it equal and you can sure as shit bet i would have forced mother and father to take separate rooms. but nothing happened. ab wanted to fuck. but. i couldnt. i sat in my old room having flashbacks to when i would jerk off late at night half aroused half scared out of my mind id be caught and persecuted. the thought of mother walking in and seeing ab fucking me like his bitch was...i couldnt. had it been any other family member i would have fucked him gladly and made a lot of noise. but. i couldnt. plus. it would have been like fucking my father....

so. notable moments. the top moment was when ab walked out of the shower soaking wet with only a towel to cover his modesty. my mother saw him. she seemed. excited? and tongue tied. which never happens to her. my mother is an ice queen. it was both disturbing and humorous. more so disturbing because i think my parents.....uhm. you know. that night. so yeah.

its over now though. but not really. the things that happened in that house will never truly be forgotten.

but the good news is the bitch and her boyfriend are gone and new years is mine fuckers!! plan is me, ab, rm, rmgf, some others and a mass orgy. or not. you know how rm is....

p.s. if you made it this far thank you. and if you think im being dramatic about all this fuck was soooo much worse to live it. im a survivor okay?!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! Here's a Jingle Cock!

merry christmas bitches!! like you ill probably be disappearing for a little while but i did this post a couple days ago for you guys. its my gift to all of you. this nice guy sent me some pics a few days ago and i have to say i was quite surprised. hes got a nice cock too. 7 1/2 inches bitches. i almost didnt want to post them cause as well all know at this point dick pics is just a name. a sad reminder of what this blog could have been. but i couldnt keep this guys cock all in my ass. i mean all to myself. and in the spirit of the season i have dubbed him jingle cock. (would have called him jingle balls but you cant really see them that much in the pics.) enjoy. and dont forget this blog is supposed to be a place to post pics of my readers cocks so dont be shy and send me some pics if youve got a hot cock.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Was Wrong

so i checked out randy blue and as it turns out reese is a man. a big butch man. a man who fucks his asses like he fucks his pussies.

okay so maybe he does bottom in some vids but im gonna ignore those. my reese is an ass spanking, hair yanking top. he won't ride a lesser mans cock, he fucks brains out.

but you can check that out after the jump. but here i would like to show you exhibit A that reese is indeed straight.

plus as moji pointed out hes married. to a girl. im a little bit in denial because he's my new favorite and i love him. but if thats the life choice hes chosen to make i will support him.

also, we have a new poll. those are fun. so weigh in on the top to btm/vers trend in porn.

so yeah im obsessed with reese. anyway check out his randy vids.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas From Reese Rideout!

have you guys seen this? i havent seen this. some porn star named reese rideout.

the vids hot. i think. uhm. ive never seen him in porn. he seems like hed be fun. is he gay? gay for pay? he cant be straight. watch this next one and tell me hes straight.

hes a power bottom right? in his vids i mean. this guy looks like he enjoys getting his ass played with. if im wrong id love him to throw me down and show me what hes working with but i get the feeling he doesnt like sticking his cock in holes. the real proof is in this next one which i saw a while ago on my mojis site. yes hes mine. all mine. im possessive like that. ask ab.

do not tell me this guy doesnt bottom.

but all teasing aside he does seem a bit butcher in these two.

and id love him to eat my ass like hes eating those chips. so reese, if you're reading this come stick some stuff in my holes. its fun. really, it is.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WillySmith Graced This Blog With His Presence! Again!!

so willy left this comment for me on the last post:

Oh dear god, are you still prattling on???

and i know what you're thinking. he's being mean. but you're wrong. you're so fucking wrong. see willy knows hes my favorite blogger. a blogger above all bloggers. even the ones who give me porn. and the level of lust and admiration i have for those guys is like off the charts. willy knows that every time he acknowledges me i cum all over myself. and our relationship has always been like this. and im okay with that. he can verbally spank me all he wants until we meet. when the real spanking begins. and he knows that since he hasnt posted in so long im totally feeling dejected and alone so hes just letting me know he hasnt forgotten about me. see this is the gateway. now hes just acknowlegding our love. soon though we'll meet and then ill charm him with the vice-like grip of my ass. and then we'll get gay married. we're totally gonna be the gay blogger power couple!!!! i love you willy smith!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bromance In The City

a bunch of prissy fags vying for the chance to bend over and take brody jenner deep into their well used assholes. i. can't. wait. but you know what i really can't wait for? the city bitches!!!!!! whitney port and a bunch of hot model boys fucking around in gossip girl land? im there!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gossip Girl Has Gotten SO Fucking Good!

not enough nate but still. fucking amazing. and i cannot wait till barts even hotter brother shows up. can you just imagine a bass boy orgy? all three can take turns snarling as they fuck your hole while you suck on nates pretty penis.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Footballers Do Something To Me

so this hot thing is french footie player yoann gourcuff. he is hot. he has a big bulge and considering that recent study about french men and their cock size im guessing it gets bigger. wait. 6 inches? maybe it doesnt get that much bigger.

crissy! so do i even need to say anything? just look at the ball and the imense pleasure its bringing to crissy.

fuck you people.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can Bjorn Barrefors Be My Christmas Present? Oh And The Gays In Australia Are Even Hotter Than I Thought!

this is the hottest man i have ever seen. i want him for christmas. no wait. i want him fucking me up the ass on all fours for christmas. im being specific so you dont screw it up and he knows what hes getting himself into. meaning me.

just look at that bulge. i think we can all agree he is the hottest thing we have ever seen. or at least the hottest thing today.

bad that hes covering the bulge. good that the silly contraption hes wearing was hiding a body this hot!

see i would not have minded eating this for thanksgiving dinner.

i will end this by saying that you gotta love a man with a big pole. what? we were all thinking it.

oh and uhm. theres this new internet show called surf camp. a bunch of gay aussies learning to surf. here you are and youre welcome.

so. when shall we go to sydney? im!!! but seriously, that first guy, josh, the one in the red speedo. was that bulge not the most obscene thing ever? oh my!!! that bulge alone would fill my ass up! anyway here is a link to learn more.