Friday, June 25, 2010

The Pandorica Is Open And So Is My Mouth. I Want To Blow Someone.

i want to sit on his face.

oh my. ill just get on my knees now and open wide.

just fuck me already.

so is anyone else excited for the doctor who finale?

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Just Gave The Blog A Makeover! Do we Like?

to celebrate here's some crissy!

omigod!!!! how many teammates do you think crissys turned gay in the locker room? i bet when he drops the soap they're too busy fighting over who gets to fuck him to take advantage of the situation giving crissy enough time to escape.

so this is the only taylor that matters to me. taylor kitsch.

what the fuck? is this some sort of water sports thing? im not into that but if it means getting to fuck taylor ill pee all over him.

get away from my tay-tay bitch!!!

what did i just tell you?

now go after the jump so we can take a minute to acknowledge how awesome true blood was last night. bewere of spoilers. and vampires turning you gay.

Friday, June 4, 2010

OMFG!!!!!! The Prettiest Most Pinkest Penis In The World Got Arrested!!!!!!

what the fuck?!?!?!?! chace crawford one of my many obsession got arrested for smoking something other than cock! i cant believe it. those cops better not have mistreated my chacey. well i guess itll teach cc that next time he wants to wrap something up and stick it in one of his orifices it should be bed me westdicks cock in his ass. but on a serious note i hope chacey is okay and that his pretty pink ass is still in tact after his time in the pokey. which i assume is called the pokey cause of all the poking going on if you know what i mean. actually maybe he enjoyed himself.

also is it just me or does the fact that chacey has done some hard time make him like a thousand times hotter not to mention butcher. next time i see him i think ill drop the soap and let him ravage me.

also, the mugshot? fierce. i bet his cellmate couldnt resist the urge to sit on that face all night long. but only after putting his deep throating skills to good use im sure.