Friday, April 9, 2010

So. The Real Housewives Of New York City.

i dont even have words. it was just. is it weird that i almost cried? i didnt. but almost. cause i actually felt really bad for bethenny for all the shit shes dealing with. and usually when housewives are battling it out im giggling. just wow. and luann? with the tea and the car? the countess needs to find a cock to go play with and leave jill and bethenny alone. but yeah. the whole thing was simply epic. omny!!!! so maybe i do have some words. anyfuck.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Dr. Who Is The Shit!

seriously. it was amazing. i was blown away. i wouldnt say it was the best episode ever. that would have to be blink or midnight. and i didnt like it as much as torchwood children of the earth. but still i loved it and i thought i was going to hate it. matt smith totally won me over and amy pond seems like she'll be a fun companion. plus im looking foward to seeing more of tom hopper cause hes really hot and i want to sit on his face.

though i cant help but thinking they need to give the doctor a male companion. dont get me wrong i love rose and martha and especially donna and amy seems cool but i think the doctors next companion should be a big strong man wholl bend him over and fuck the shit out of him. im sure pleasuring himself with the sonic screwdriver is getting old. anyway i really have no complaints. well actually i dont much like the new tardis or the new graphics in the intro. but other than that it was great.

and of course it helps that matts a poof.

move over john barrowman. theres a new fag in the whoverse.

so. what did you think? poll time!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bad Wolf!!

so this is the lust of my life jake gyllenhaal.

hes thinking about cock.

he clearly wants to stick that in his ass.

so this is steven mcqueen from vampire diaries. does this mean he likes to fuck doggy style? cause im already on all fours.

so apparently david beckham got injured which to me means i could more easily over power him and rape his cock with my ass.

i just have to get rid of her first.

well im off to watch the new doctor who.