Friday, July 31, 2009

Jingle Cock Is Back Again!

lets not forget that this blog is all about cock. the cock i stick in my ass. the cocks i want to stick in my ass. and most importantly your cocks. at least it used to be but you ass-wipes refuse to send me pics. though every once in a while a hottie comes along with balls big enough to get hard and send me a few pics. jingle cock is one of those hotties.


so let this serve as a reminder that this blog is about YOUR cock! so if you're hard right now pull your pants down, take a pic, and fucking send it to me already!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Real World Cancun Makes My Ass Cum

when i first saw bronne i thought he hat a face like a rat or something. now i want that face buried in my ass.

heres cj being a dick. in a bed skirt. he looks hot though. but still. go rim joey or something.

a bed skirt!! a fucking bed skirt!!! im starting to think cj is a douche nozzle. well no ive always thought that. but it was easier to ignore before the hot tub fight.

and as we all know douche nozzles like to fuck men.

the three fagoteers.

side butt? thats all we get? no full frontal? no rock hard cock to give us an eyegasm? i want to see the fucking piglet!!

but he likes hitting fairies in their asses with his balls so he cant be all bad right?

this made me laugh so hard i came. bronne is so in lust with derek.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get Ready For Your Ass To Cum.

heres a post i did a while ago and forgot about.

first off we have hole puckering hottie rove mcmanus asking famous hole puckering hotties who they'd go gay for.

this one is my favorite cause he asks hugh jackman. he said me fyi.

here we have the sexy chas licciardello, who was in the vid above, trying to prove porn is realistic.

heres a longer version of chas snogging rove.

this one is long but its some really hot chippendales in some really tiny swimwear.

heres something thats way too short. nick adams at broadway bares. you may have already seen it but. watch it again.

here nick shows us his power over the male asshole by making a chorus line of fags pucker uncontrollably.

heres david wolfman williams.

admittedly he doesnt look his best there. so i give you this to prove hes totally fuckable under all that dreadful beard.

but back to rove. lets watch as he eye fucks bruno.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Sister Is Gone! Let The Spontaneous Fucking Continue!

so my sister went home on saturday but i havent been able to post until now because i was too busy sucking cock. and riding cock. and spitting out my boyfriends cum. he says its insulting. i say the fact that i even let him cum in my mouth in the first place should be enough to appease him. and no i dont let him do it often. if he even thinks about it i bite down and suddenly he cant get out of my mouth quick enough.

anyfuck my sister being here wasnt so bad. and ab was a good sport considering there was no fucking and my sister walked in on him in the shower every chance she got. i dont know why but they seem to get along. i guess its not that surprising. my sister is nice to anything with a six pack.

so the first highlight of my sisters trip came when i took her with me and ab to a party ax was throwing. because she totally fucked him in the ass with her words and he didnt like it. everyone had been drinking. except me. ax was probably the drunkest out of everyone. he was sitting next to ab and kept putting his cummy little hands on my boyfriends leg and being way too flirty. i started considering fucking ng to piss ax off and because ngs hot and i want to fuck him. ax was kind of sweaty and made some sort of remark about it.

sister: is that why you smell like stale cum? its like you're sweating cum. like all the cum you take up your ass is leaking out of your pores.

and then she turns to ng and says.

sister: is that your cum or someone elses?

ng: who knows.

ax was pissed. i think it was less about the fact that she was calling him a cum dump and more about the fact that everyone was laughing at him instead of fucking him. i actually felt bad for him because he always smells like cum. he just cant help. now i dont know if she did this to be a good big sister to the not so tight asshole that was hitting on her brothers boyfriend or to piss off the not so tight asshole who said this when she told some chick that bumped into her earlier to fuck off.

ax: youre a mean bitch. *long uncomfortable pause* but i like it.

this was a big mistake. and it was only a matter of time before my sister bent him over and gave him a verbal spanking he wouldnt find as enjoyable as the ones ab used to give him. and yes it is disturbing that we both like that.

so pretty much the only bad part about sister meeting my friends or frenemies or whatever the fuck you want to call them was having to watch her and dn flirting with each other. sure hes hot. but. hes a douche nozzle! i told her to stop speaking to him but she was too busy batting her eyelashes and deciding if she was going to let him fuck her in the ass or not to notice. and no they didnt fuck. well they tongue fucked. but that was better than her bringing him back to my place and having to hear them fuck and ab begging to fuck me since they were fucking too.

but the best part about having my sister here was a moment so amazing, so cum worthy, so fucking awesome that not only do i want my sister to come back soon to visit again but i actually gave her a hug when she left. this is huge because physical contact between the two of us is usually much more violent and leaves bruises. actually she did say i was hugging her too tight. so what helped to bring me and my sister closer together? leo.

my sister and i first ran into leo in the hallway one day. it was just a quick hello but he shook her hand and she later told me that she got wet on contact. i of course was pissed that he didnt finger me too. and yes i consider getting a handshake from leo fingering because its just as enjoyable. but we already know each other so there was no need. but i got over the rejection because my sister totally made up for it when the three of us found ourselves on the elevator together. ive talked about my romantic elevator rides with leo before because they're always enjoyable mainly because leo is unable to get away from the vice-like grip of my ass in such a confined space.

so what made this elevator ride more enjoyable than the others? well as luck would have it leo was returning from a workout. and he was all sweaty. his musk made my nose cum. my sister being the evil genius that she is used this as an opportunity to flirt shamelessly and touch his bulgtastic body. and while groping his arms she said the nicest thing shes ever said to me.

sister: 0h my god you have to feel this.

and i did. i got to touch leos amazing arms. and he didnt even notice because he was too busy eye fucking my sister. he was completely ignoring me. not only did it make me want him more it made me want to cry. but i didnt cause him ingnoring me meant i got to bend down and blow him. well i didnt. but i could have. i even got a quick feel of his pecs. but then i had to stop cause cum was running down my leg and i was wearing shorts so it was noticeable. he didnt notice of course but my sister did. and she pointed it out to him and then he licked it off me and spit it in my ass to use as lube. or was that a dream? anyfuck this was the greatest day of my life and definitely the best fake sex leo and i have had. im still in disbelief that i have my sister to thank for that. im also in disbelief that i momentarily entertained the idea of a threesome with leo and my sister since im so hungry for his cum id actually do it. even if he only let me suck his cock like cody cummings. well ab and i still have some fucking to make up for. ta bitches.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fuck Of July

so as you all know my sister has come out for a visit. she got here on saturday and the three of us (me her and ab) went to my parents house. they were having a small party with some friends and family. there werent too many people near our age there except some cousins. but we hate them. so mostly my sister and i just sat there suffering in silence. well maybe im exaggerating a bit. but. still. there was an utter lack of eye candy. the only guys in the pool were either relatives, fug, or too old. or all three. im sure ax's fagtacular fourth of july party was more fun. but its family so what the fuck are you gonna do?

the only fun thing is that this was the first time a lot of my family got to meet ab. so my sister and i entertained ourselves watching how uncomfortable some of them were. why were they uncomfortable? cause ab cant keep his hand off my ass. it only could have been better if he tried to finger me. actually i think my sister tried to get him to do that. but he showed restraint.

the most embarrassing thing for me was that ab decided to go for a swim and when he got out he was soaking wet and there was a noticeable bulge.

sister: you really let him stick that in your ass?

she this out loud. for everyone to hear. she was almost screaming it at the top of her lungs. cunt.

other than that though ab was of course a hit with my family. hes like the perfect gay. dickhead. anyway i might have been bored most of the time but ab seemed to enjoy himself. he even helped my dad with the barbecue. ive totally been replaced as his son and im expecting him to change the will any day now. oh well. ive been planning to live off ab anyway so it really doesnt matter.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Your Hole Already Puckering With Anticipation?

once again lets start with 90210 stud adam gregory. or as i like to call him adam faggery.

i dont know what to do first. play with his balls, lick his chest, or stick my dick in his mouth? maybe he should just bend me over and fuck the shit out of me? bitches dont get to make choices. and id be happy to be his bitch.

here is sexy finnish sprinter markus poyhonen.

i hope hes not gonna use that dildo in front of all those people...until i get there.

we havent had these sexy skins fags on here in a while.

looks like they're still fighting over gay-j.

i bet he swallows.

you see a bunch of sexy irish rugger buggers spraying each other with champagne. i see a bunch of sexy irish rugger buggers covering each other in cum.

and this ones a cummer.

so these two cuties are from some brit show called coach trip.

this one is tom.

and this one is matt.

like all hot brits i find myself lusting after they're straight.

i think.

matt does seem to be into tom. i think he wants a kiss. on his ass lips.

they do make a cute couple.

okay im seriously starting to doubt they're heterosexuality.

there is one way to know for sure but i cant tell if toms hole is puckering or not.

here's the always boner inducing cristiano ronaldo. he just joined some new soccer team or something. i guess all his old teammates couldnt take his monster cock anymore.

you cant tell but all the straight guys in the stands are jerking off. the gay ones are fingering themselves. they know just looking at crissy will make them cum.

lets play a game of whose hole is puckering.

first we have justin timbersnake and chace cumfuck. im gonna say justins hole is puckering since justy isnt hot enough anymore to get chaces hole puckering. his dick hard? yes. his hole puckering? no.

definitely zac. davids hole doesnt pucker. hes too much of a man. if i didnt know any better id think david already had a finger up zacs ass.

heres a wild guess but im gonna say the old queen. crissy seems embarrassed for him. but he knows the old queen just cant help himself.

and for our final round of guess whose hole is puckering the answer is.....


Friday, July 3, 2009

How I've Been Spending My Summer Vacation. Hint: It Involves A Dick Up My Ass.

so ive been meaning to do a post to let you guys know what me and the other citizens of my cum-filled world have been getting up to for a while now. but better late than never right?

so lets start with jock. for those that dont remember jock is this really hot guy whos still in the closet and really wants to fuck me. hes gone home for the summer and took his girlfriend with him. but i think she was only out there for like a week or two. to me taking her home to the family was a very bad idea since this relationship is destined to end disastrously because jock is a fudge packing fruit. which she doesnt know of course. im curious to know if hes fucked any guys since hes been home.

jock of course started fucking ax (my boyfriends ex) after i introduced them. but now that hes gone ax has been forced to find some other cocks to fill his well used ass for the summer. he has to. otherwise all the cum hes got up there will pour out. his new guy is this really hot stud ill call ng. ng is ax's usual type and by that i guess i mean my type too since we're obviously both into the same kind of guy. hes tall, gorgeous, and thinks hes straight. he and ax have only been dating for a couple of weeks now but since this is ax we're talking about the relationship is already full of drama. over the weekend we were at some pool party and the minute ng turned his back ax starting flirting with some other guy. he starting teasing him about having a hard-on and grabbed his dick. he wasnt jerking him off or anything. it was just a quick grab but still. not a good idea. and of course ng saw it. so the two of them started fighting and ab and i just sat back and enjoyed the show. im fairly certain ng knows by now what hes gotten himself into but ab still thinks maybe we should warn him since ax is probably using his ass to get him out of trouble like i do. but if they break-up ab and i wont have them there to entertain us and remind us what a superior couple we are so we think we'll keep our mouths shut for now.

then theres dn. hes supposed to be abs best friend but the asshole slept with ax while he and ab were still dating. those two had stopped talking but have now made up. apparently ab decided he shouldnt let ax's cum-soaked ass get in the way of a long lasting friendship and forgave dn for being a douche nozzle. of course alcohol was involved to help smooth things over between the two of them. straight boys.

speaking of breeders. rm and rmgf have flown off to parts unknown for their summer vaycum. so far things seem to be going better than their last trip. no fights or anything. hopefully things stay that way.

so with those two gone i have to admit i was looking forward to having the apartment all to myself and getting to do all the things i usually cant. like covering rms room with my cum and fingering myself in his bed. and most importantly finally getting to fuck my sexy neighbor leo. cause its kind of hard to get away with cheating when you know your best friend/roommate will totally rat you out to your boyfriend since they're best friends too. but just when i thought my fantasy of taking advantage of leo one drunken night would finally cum true guess who had to come and ruin it all. thats right fags and gentlefuckers. ab has moved in with me. its just supposed to be for the summer but i get the feeling this may be part of some master plan by ab and rm for ab to move in permanently so they can spend more time together. cause lets face it rm is abs real boyfriend. im just the guy he likes to fuck occasionally when rm is "too tired" to ride his dick.

while ab moving in has thrown a wrench in my nonexistent relationship with leo it hasnt been all bad. as always the cuddling is great and we've been fucking like two horny fags that just met at a circuit party. at this point we dont even bother wearing clothes. we just walk around naked so when ab gets a wangboner i can quickly suck all of the cum out of his dick with my ass. so far we've fucked on every surface of rms bedroom. he even managed to play with my hole on the elevator a few days ago. i had to try really hard not to bend over and let him fuck me since we werent alone. i hope the neighbors didnt notice his hand down the back of my pants. and i hope they dont think im a cum loving slut. oh who the fuck cares.

anyway my sister is coming out here over the weekend. and since i have a free room she insists on staying with me instead of my parents. i cant blame her but itll definitely screw things up for me and ab. like we'll have to start wearing clothes again. or at least i will. and no more spontaneous fucking in the kitchen. or the living room. or wherever we happen to be standing at the moment. it will be fun though to finally introduce her to everyone im always telling her about and watch her fuck with all of them. and yes my sister does get as confused about my life and everyone in it as you guys do. so what have you been doing over the summer? never mind. i really dont give a shit. fuck you all.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Shit You Should Know About

so the new big brother cast has been revealed but of course the only ones we're gonna care about are the hotties worthy of some finger fucking jerk-off sessions.

first we have jeff. he looks like the kind of guy that likes a stiff one right up the ass. am i right?

heres russell. i really want to cum all over that bald head.

and lastly we have braden bacha.

hes the most interesting of the shows three hotties. mainly cause he seems to be this groups resident gay porn star. well. not gay porn exactly. he was in dantes cove. and sadly he played straight in it. i know. a waste of a hot guy. there was a vid of it on youtube earlier but its gone missing. so heres a cap instead.

hopefully he'll strip down in the big brother house too.

while braden might not fuck guys heres a hottie who will. harley from sean cody who now seems to be going by simon dexter. but i dont give a flying fuck what he calls himself. i just want that big dick of his buried balls deep in my ass. anyway simmy has a blog so get over there now with dick in hand. you wont be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Because If I Don't Make Your Eyes Cum Who Will?

chace crawford does his best to make my ass spooge by making this face. its working.

i seriously hate this new hairstyle though. not that ill notice while hes fucking me from behind like he fucks chuck.

super sexy tennis stud marat safin. he looks so sweet here. i want him to cum on my face.

heres greek footie stud giourkas seitaridis.

can you imagine getting double fucked by him and crissy ronaldo?

i dont know who took this pic but that is one lucky bitch. i still dont know why his body isnt covered in the photographers cum. unless it already was and thats why he took the shower? to wash it off?

matt lanter aka the guy that made 90210 watchable.

i need to sit on this guys face.

oh fuck. i cant take it anymore. my hole is puckering like crazy. i need to go get ab to take care of this itch i need fucked.

but before i go here are some really hot vids.

heres jake from syncsta doing what straight boys do best. acting really gay. skip to around 1:35 for the good stuff.

so asston kutcher is in some new movie called spread. im not sure what the title means. spread my ass cheeks? cause im already doing that. anyway the movie has something to do with him being a boy toy or something but really who gives a shit? all you need to know is this...

and this....

there are some really hot clips at the french version of the films website so go here and watch the trailer which plays automatically and then go to videos and watch the third clip to see a lot of ashtons ass as he walks around naked and fucks anne heche. and click here for some more caps.