Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Many Reasons Why I'm Gay

lets start things off with the hotness that is adam gregory. hes making my ass cum.

joe jonas is so cute.

he has a secret.

i wonder what it could be? and why does this pic make me want to go suck a dick?

hottie kelvin fletcher looking hot.

did anyone else love tool academy as much as i did? here is one of the tools.

click here if you want a better look at his tool.

one of the tittensor twins.

did someone just cum in your mouth? cause thats the face i make too!

so i dont know why hes stripping naked but i dont give a shit.

i bet andy roddick likes it when you swallow.

staying in the world of tennis heres feliciano lopez.

i want to cum on there.

hes so fucking sexy. i just want him to throw me up against that wall and fuck me like a wild man.

heres another tennis hottie. grigor dimitrov. these two should get a room. and fuck each other senseless.

hes probably checking to see if he has a big racket.

heres footie cutie robbie black showing off his sexy ass.

but fuck football. my true obsession as we all know is with rugger buggers. this is andrew trimble. quite possible the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen.

heres andrew in a passionate embrace with some other lucky bitch.

dont know his name. dont care. i just want his dick balls deep in my ass.

here we have donnacha o'callaghan.

i would like to sit on his face.

oh come on!! why are all the hot ones bottoms?

this is ronan o'gara. hopefully hes more of a man than that cum loving bitch above.

at least he has big balls.

shane horgan wants to suck on something.

this is tommy bowe. i bet he likes to swallow. he should meet andy roddick.

i hope andy likes a finger with his blow jobs.

that is the most amazing body ever. i just want to lick him from head to toe and then fuck on the beach.

i dont know who they are but im jealous of both of them.

and lets end things with this vid of will mellor and his scrumptious ass.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

NYC Prep And Real World Cumcun

so ive found my new summer obsessions. nyc prep and the real world cancun. i figured id like rw cancun since hot drunk people fucking is a no brainer. but i was more skeptical about nyc prep.

but i was so wrong!!! the show was so fucking amazing. and it turns out pc, who seemed kind of blah to me, is actually kind of cute. hot even. and he likes scarves!

hes also a bit of a dick. but i think that makes him hotter. in spite of the fact that he lacks chucks sexy voice and the bedroom eyes that can trap you in a hypnotic trance and make you cum he works as a temporary chuck replacement. possibly because he throws water bottles at girls and calls them cunts. which chuck wouldnt do since he rarely shows such emotion other than a snarl but you know he wants to call blair a cunt. also like chuck pc is very....stylish. check out his fierce purple shirt.

the best part about pc is that while a high schooler hes 18 so theres no shame in fantasizing about that cute gayface of his munching away at my man puss.

as for the girls of nycp theyre all mostly blair clones. which is actually a good thing. this one is particularly blairish. she even has a crush on bed me westdick.

so which blair wannabe will have an eating disorder? and more importantly how do i get pc to fuck me senseless in the back of a limo?

next up we have real world cancun. there are only two things you need to know about rw cancun. cj and joey.

this ones cj. dont you just want to cum on this face?

he seems so nice and clean cut which is why i want him to bend me over and give me a fucking ill never forget.

and heres joey. his body isnt as good as cjs but hes still really hot.

is that an invitation to sit on your face?

of course theres also a gay. but hes not my type and by that i mean hes a total bottom. the only connection i feel to him is that his hole probably starts puckering uncontrollably every time hes near cj.

i think a lot of holes were puckering last night. here. look at him and get your hole puckering again.

now for some hot dailies. i cant embed them so just click the links. first is bronne who is also in the house. hes not as cute as the others but he got his ass out in front of a gay guy so he cant be all bad.

but back to cj.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Not Adickted To Porn. Just Porn Stars.

reese rideout likes looking at guys packages but is totally straight and not once while hes fucking his wife does his hole twitch wishing it had a cock in it. Not even once.

erik rhodes does something to my hole. something amazing. its not a twitch. or a pucker. or a quiver. im not sure but i think he makes my ass cum.

i really want diesel washington to bully me.

for two seconds during this vid i thought i was a top. but it passed and now i just want brent to bend me over and fuck me which he does do on occasion.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Obsessed With Ricky Sinz. I Crave His Cock And Fall Asleep Dreaming Of Him Burrying It Balls Deep In My Tight Ass And Then Cumming All Over Me.

over the weekend i starting reading some article about ricky sinz at the sword and somehow found myself lost in a ricky sinz vortex. this vortex was sticky and hard to get out of cause it was full of rickys sweet cum. it was both a beautiful and horrifying place. like ricky himself. i wasnt sure if id come out of it bruised and bloodied with a torn asshole or covered in cum with a well fucked but still intact hole. somehow i did survive. you may or may not have already seen this stuff but who the fuck cares. look at it again.

let us start with this video of ricky making some straight boy his bitch. he punches the guy once successfully knocking him out cause when you've killed 28 men knocking out a drunk guy in a bar is no big deal. this guy should thank his lucky stars ricky didnt bend him over the bar and fuck him senseless. or maybe thats what he wanted?

and here is ricky dancing in some club. dont worry you wont even notice the puss.

you might think this is ricky in a club but its actually a wet dream i had. or was it a nightmare? a wet nightmare? is there such a thing?

now i know what you're thinking. you'd like to bite rickys dick. dont. cause this is what will happen. somehow i get the feeling that being beaten up by ricky is very enjoyable. i doubt this fan shit his pants. he came in them. like when hes punching you its like hes fisting you. wait. does this mean im into fisting now? shit. this changes everything. oh who the fuck cares all i know is that i really want to bite rickys dick cause i think it sounds like fun. of course i say this because im not scared of ricky. why? cause we all know i have the strength of a thousand twinks. that and i want ricky to punish me. i want him to punish me really bad! go below the jump to see how i want him to punish me.

so is it just me or does this look like a good punishment?

im sure by now youre vigorously jerking off so if you havent gotten all sticky yet click here to look at some hot pics of ricky and finish yourself off.

now if youll excuse me im going to see if i can get ab to grow some balls for once and fuck the shit out of me like ricky sinz would.

a note to ricky sinz: ricky, honey, if youre reading this i just want you to know im not a stalker or anything. and i dont want to bite your dick. suck it? yes. have you fuck my face with it? yes! but i dont want to bite it cause then i might draw blood and that would just freak me out. and even though i have the strength of a thousand twinks you can rest assured that i am totally scared of you. cause i know you eat the asses of a thousand twinks for brunch and you could totally take me. but thats okay cause i want you too. my hole is puckering with the anticipation that one day we'll run into each other and ill royally piss you off and youll just fuck me so hard when you cum itll shoot out of my nose. i know. im embarrassing myself. ill go sit in the corner and you can cum over and spank me whenever you like.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Try Not To Get Cum All Over Your Computer Like I Did. Or On Your Boyfriend. It's Not The Cumshot He'll Hate. It's The Fact That He Didn't Cause It.

so as you may or may not know chace crawford has been named by people this summers hottest bachelor.

this of course is not surprising because while robert pattinson may cause every woman on the planet to wet her panties by making this face...

chace crawford has an even more powerful ability which probably helped him beat out robby. and its not his pretty pink penis. its something more powerful. he can make a mans hole pucker.

ed: you're making my hole pucker. want to fuck me? chace: you would not believe how many people have asked me that today!

so why did this power cum in handy? well i may be going out on a limb here but im guessing that people magazine is run by cum loving fairies. after all this is the mag that named hugh jackman the sexiest man alive.

and hes like every fags wet dream cum true. hes a straight (?) man with the body of an adonis and the personality of a theater queen.

and then theres the muttonchops. the muttonchops that'll tickle while hes eating out your asshole thats puckering cause you're watching nate and chuck flirt on gossip girl. cause the huge junk man is perfect and wont object to you watching gossip girl while he fucks the shit out of your ass and sings show tunes like some assholes *cough*ab*cough*.

also on the list is taylor kitsch.

aka wolverines own personal cum dump gambit.

hes most likely on the list because people magazine wanted to acknowledge the love that dare not speak its name.

and now i would like to give an honorable mention to crissy ronaldo who was not named a hot summer bachelor but totally should have been which is why hes pissed.

oh crissy. you can stick that finger anywhere you like.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dustin Gets Lanced!!!

so if your dick got hard or your ass started puckering yesterday and you had no clue why because you weren't fantasizing about your ass being torn in half by barrett longs supercock chances are it was because they were trying to alert you to the arrival of the first ever gay celebrity sex tape!!! well sex pics. but apparently the tape is soon to cum. oscar winning hottie dustin lance black must be really embarrassed today because some photos popped up yesterday of him milking some guys dick with his ass. bareback! theres a part of me of course that feels bad for him. theres also a part thats a little disappointed if not surprised that hes a bottom. and another part thats hard as a fucking rock. so if you want to see the pics click here and enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Summer Again Which Means Crissy Is Doing Everything He Can To Make Us Fags Cum All Over Ourselves.

so last summer cristiano ronaldo went on holiday and the result was some of the most cum worthy pics ever. sadly summer doesnt last forever and the wet dream eventually came to an end. but its summer again bitches and crissy is back to put on a show for all the cum hungry fags who lust after him. at the moment hes in the states and as you may have heard is being harassed by that bitch whos name will never again pass my lips just like crissys cock should never pass hers. either of them. stupid rat faced cunt. anyway enjoy these pics while i calm myself down. i would love to live in denial about crissy fucking her but i fear its true and my ass is suffering from some serious pussy envy.

so in addition to being a fuck machine crissy is a footballer. here he is on the field most likely picking out who he wants to fuck from the stands that night. sadly it wasnt me.

dont let this pic fool you. crissy is totally a top. he just likes to enjoy the occasional rim job. who deosnt?

so like i said its summer which means crissy walking around in next to nothing. wait. whos that creepy looking bear behind crissy? is that crissys stalker?!

oh no!! that bear is attacking crissy!!!

but luckily crissy was able to get away from that fugly obese queen.

but sadly before he got away the fugly obese queen came in crissys mouth. as you can see hes about to spit his nauseating spooge out.

but we cant blame the fugly obese queen. crissy is just too fucking hot to resist.

crissy should know better than to turn his back on people. that ass is just irresistible. even i want to fuck him in the ass and im a cum craving, doggy style loving, ankle grabbing bottom bitch! theres even a cock in my ass while im typing this.

he looks so angry and sexy. i just want to cum all over his face and then lick it clean.

being that sexy and making so many people cum just looking at them is exhausting for poor crissy. so hes taking a breather.

he looks so peaceful while hes sleeping. i wonder how long before the fugly bear returns to tie crissy up and ride him like a sex crazed pig.

now we all know that i dont just love crissy. im fucking obsessed with him. but. lets face it. the fag dresses like a fairy came glitter and rainbows all over him. but this is okay if only because it gives my puckering ass hope that one day he'll look in a mirror, realize he's gay, and fuck me with the same force he uses to kick a ball with those tree trunk legs.

so pics of crissy are great and all but how about some vids.

here is crissy leaving the club where that evil cunt sucked him into her pussy and wouldnt let go.

and here is crissy walking around shirtless looking sexy which is why we cant really blame the cunt because if i was near crissy i would suck his dick and his tongue and anything else i could into my ass.

yay!!! we dont have to worry about the cunt anymore. crissy has finally realized he likes the cock!!!!!