Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Some Rugger Fag Came Out And Of Course I'm Not Surprised Cause I Think I've Proven Numerous Times On Here That All Ruggers Are Fudgepacking Queers.

so this is 35 year old rugby player gareth williams. he's looking very gay. and of course by gay i mean happy not faggy.

cause a big, strong, rugby playing guy like gareth couldn't possibly be a fairy. well actually he is. which proves everything ive ever said about those ball fondling butt pirates is true.

it cant be easy being gay on a rugby team. here you can tell hes having a hard time fighting the urge to whip his cock out and face fuck these two cum dumps.

hes not exactly gorgeous guy but my word hes a big boy!! id love for him to use those big muscles to throw me over his knee and spank my bare ass and then spit on my hole and then force me down on all fours and shove his cock up my mancunt and fuck me mercilessly and.....*clears throat* sorry about that.

id love to sit on his face and call him daddy.

lets cum all over him and then lick it up.

now if you'll please excuse me i have to catch a flight to wales so i can introduce my ass to his mouth.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How Many Fags Does It Take To Give Me A Boner? This Many!

i love crissy but i may need to take a temporary break from posting pics of him cause my ass is started to get numb from cumming all the time.

i just want him to throw me across his knee and spank me with those big hands of his.

so apparently crissy wrote a book about cum. makes sense. hes the expert.

love the diamond earrings. crissy knows how to accessorize.

and heres elliot tittensor who seems happiest with something phallic in his mouth. since hes a flaming queer ill assume these chicks are trannys.

elliot doing what he does best.

yes smokings bad but he looks hot here and i love watching him indulge his oral fixation.

hey zeffy. what are you doing down there?

zeffy knows how to strut!

apparently these photos were taken in west hollywood so im guessing hes running from some rabid twinks.

and here is zeffy engaging in the weho mating call by sticking his ass out and waiting for someone to take his pretty pink manpuss for a ride.

and here we have twilight fag kelly lutz. thats an interesting position you're in kelly. so is she sporting a strap-on or is she a chick with a dick?

and heres sexy mma fighter matthew riddle. can we lick him please?

nice bulge. cant blame the old queen for checking it out.

sorry honey. im not into fisting.

but you can slip a finger or two back there.

so this is brit singer austin drage.

and this is his hairy ass.

is this what he looks like when hes sucking cock?

i leave you with this.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because It's Been Way Too Long Since My Last Post

cant type. cum leaking out of every orifice i have.

i think we can agree that sam worthington is sexy as fuck.

ew. never mind.

much better.

now lets wash all of that fug out of our eyes with some pretty. heres uber hot footie player akos buzsaky.

hes soooo adorable.

and here is his ass.

why is chace's face so shiny? it must be covered in cum.

dick sucking lips!!

zac is so pretty.

he must be thinking about cock.

and now he must be thinking about sticking it in his ass.

the future mrs. tim frix.

can i please just sit on his face already?

nice earrings girlfriend!

here is sexiest man alive (in my heart. suck it johnny depp!!!) huge jackman. er huge junkman. no wait. hugh jack my cock. oh fuck it.

can you imagine having this on top of you?

to bad hes not gay.

i dont rim. but. if i was there it would have been hard to resist the urge to bury my face in his ass. what? i dont have anything else to stick in there. im a confirmed bottom.

okay now hes just begging for it. fag.

ttfn cunts!!