Sunday, November 30, 2008


so. thanksgiving. i had wanted to spend it with ab and rm and rmgf and any eye candy we could muster. but of course we all got roped into the whole fam thing cause obviously we're not old enough yet to escape our parents control (will we ever be? my grandmother still strikes fear into the heart of my mother. and thats just when her name shows up on the caller id) so rmgf went off to her fam ab went off with his and i went off with mine and we all promised to stay in contact and meet up today to debrief and complain about those bloodsuckers we call family. luckily for me and rm though our families combined thanksgivings ages ago so we relied on each other to stay sane. which coincidentally is the reason our mothers combined thanksgiving themselves.

you know im not sure but i think my dad is fantasizing that rm and i are a couple. he hasnt met ab yet (does he even know ab exists? hmm) but i think all these years and especially after i came out hes hoped id run off with rm. see rm is tall and relatively good looking and butch and plays with balls. no i mean the kind you blow up. no i mean the big ones. i mean the kind you throw. yeah those. and so im fairly certain that my father has always wished that rm was his son. and if we get married he'll have the closest thing to it. i think thats why he'll like ab. cause even though he's fucking me up the ass hes like every fathers dream child. fucker.

anyway despite the fact that i took the opportunity to tell every relative that asked if i had a girlfriend yet that i liked sucking cock (much to rm's delight since he was seriously bored and enjoyed watching me give most of my relatives heart attacks) we survived. actually i spent most of my time with rm's mom. shes like the best fag hag ever. like grace but older and with bigger boobs. i told her how my boyfriend likes it when i give him a blow job while he watches sports and she told me that her husband has finally found her g-spot. and yes i did share that with rm and he is traumatized.

but honestly despite all logic and reason i do sorta like my family and even though i could have gone without dealing with so many of them all at once it wasnt entirely horrible.

anyway the whole gang met up today to trade war stories and we all seem to be in one piece. so let the doomsday countdown to christmas begin!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Okay I Admit It

i fucked my boyfriend. but what can i say? i was sad and horny and his cock made it all better. well that and i closed my eyes and pretended he was chacey ;)

also you must watch this which helped put me in a better mood yesterday. its from some brit game show called nevermind the buzzcocks. i dont know what a buzzcock is but no we don't get to see mitchys manhood. but 10 minutes of pure hot mitchy with the good hair is still an orgasmic experience. the vid made me fall even deeper in love with him even though he seemed kinda quiet. its impossible not to laugh during this thing and one of my fave moments is around 8:08 when mitchy talks about the monopoly car.

also mitchy must be reading this blog cause he takes the time around 2:00 to point out that he is straight. but we're pretending that didnt happen.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gossip Girl Didn't Come On Today!!!!!! WTF!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Georgina Must Be Behind This!!!

why? whats the point of mondays without chacey? i just. i need to know what nate is doing with his pretty penis!!!!! and hell i even miss bed me westdicks sadistic whisper which usually wakes my cock right up! urgh!!!! okay. i just needed to share my pain with the world. im going to crawl back into bed. ab has been trying to console me chacey??? that cant be fixed. and ab will not be getting any tonight. which is the only reason hes pretending to care. basshole.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love You Mitch Hewer! (Please Quit Britania High)

so mitchy poo was at some event (not sure when) and the gays were all over him.

this gay wanted to jerk him off.

this gay wanted to suck him off.

and this gay is glowing because he has just finished swallowing mitchys load with his ass because poor mitchy was too out of it to notice he was being molested. i know this because his ass is thisclose to mitchy's cock and yet hes not hard. which means he's already blown his load.

but seriously mitchy was out of it. cute. but out of it. look at him.

so is mitchy straight, gay, bi, or just accepting of the fact that the gays are going to be invading his personal space for all of time? cause rm would never let me get as close to his cock as that skank in the third pic is to mitchys. and skank if you're reading this you are my hero!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OOOOOO! Vanessa Did Something Scandalous!

so pretty nate is back and he's already causing trouble. nessie seems ready to fight for nate to the death while jenny is kinda over it. obviously this is because nessie, unlike little j, has enjoyed the supulent cum that runs forth from nates pretty penis.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i have a follower! yay! so call.the.shots. i salute you! you're my new favorite!!

p.s. everyone go check out his blog. a lot of hot boys on it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jock and AX and Sex In a Bathroom. Oh and Whitney Has Bad Taste In Men.

so after going to a party and introducing jock and ax (ab's ex-boyfriend) and jock asking for a blow job in the bathroom after corning me alone and then giving ab a blow job in the bathroom cause jock got me so horny someone was getting blown in that bathroom and ax predictably fawning all over jock and practically throwing himself at jock and a dejected jock realizing he just couldnt have me and then offering to give ax a ride home it has now been confirmed by ax to ab to me that ax repaid jock for the ride with a bj. confused? i have seen jock and while he didnt mention his hookup i did notice he toned down his flirting. i got a pinch on the ass as opposed to him whispering in my ear that he wanted to tear into my ass with his hard cock. so i guess now that hes finally getting some male action he wont be as much of a problem anymore. at least not until i finally give in. shit. on the upside this proves that watching all that gossip girl has helped me hone my slutty/manipulation skillls. cause we all know blowing a guy in a bathroom and then orchestrating his ex's hookup with your crush is all in a days work for blair.

in other news can we all agree that mopey hot models that are really into you are hotter than grungy musicians who's roommates are in love with them and just want to fuck you? at least if the musicians arent attractive. if they are then it might be time for a threesome! but you never say no to a hot model who has feelings. cause im guessing thats rare.

There Needs To Be A Warning

like if chace is not gonna be in an episode of gossip girl they need to let us know so we can decide if we still want to watch or not. and of course i still will cause my love of gg runs deep but still. i just need a few minutes to breath and just digest the fact that i'll be missing my weekly prescription of chace. like. the girls are in all the episodes. and penn hardly ever misses one. but nate? he can just go off and we're just supposed to accept it? like when we last saw him all he had was the clothes on his back and a tiny little bag. we need to know he's okay. like throw us a bone and just show us nate is fine. a boy that pretty doesnt survive on the streets. for all i know hes selling his body for moisturizer!!! and if he is i need to know where cause i swear i will raid rmgf's bathroom and fly out to ny and make that twink fuck me for shampoo! if he'll bury his gay face in old man crotch he can bury it in my ass. but yeah. there just needs to be a warning. okay?

p.s. the chuck/bart scowl offs were a nice consolation. the things i would let those two do to me while nate applied blush are just soooo naughty.

another p.s. we no longer hate jenny since she's lost everything and doesn't even get to suck nate's pretty pink penis anymore.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i stopped trick or treating a long time ago. rmgf on the other hand enjoys dressing up like a slut and running around at night and because she thinks shes so hot and no man could resist she dragged rm along for protection. i on the other hand stayed at home and watched the new lipstick jungle because i love kirby and because tiffany thinks shes so gonna grow up to be a hotshot bussiness woman in new york. whatever. it was good i didnt go out with them cause a sexy fireman showed up at my door and used his big hose to fuck me. i have the best boyfriend.