Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have You Ever Cum Watching A Guy Wash His Car? Well If You Haven't You're About To. Maybe.

once again reese rideout manages to be both sexy and kind of disturbing. i dont mind the shorts obviously. but the rest of it is just. wrong. funny. but wrong.

this has nothing to do with reese but. hello gorgeous!!

and lastly click here to see some really hot guys or rather see their cocks. its some photographers site. click on the nudes tab and open up a nice treasure trove of hot cocks.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


i just wanted to throw up this post to commemorate the fact that not only do i now have 18 followers a little earlier i hit the 50,000 visitors mark! and ive had 58,000 hits! i cant fucking believe it. i just want to thank all of you guys for cumming to my little ole blog everyday and leaving comments and occasionally sending me pics. and i want to give a special shout-out to my dear moji since it would have taken me a lot longer to get here without him. ever since he put up a link to my blog my daily visits have quadrupled. so thanks moji! its been fun and heres to another 50,000 visitors!

ahem. now that the sappy shit is out of the way scroll down to the pic post i just put together for you ungrateful dickheads.

Here's Something To Make Your Eyes Cum

so since only one of you pussies found some balls attached to the dick in your twat i find myself with nothing to put on here. so once again i must resort to slaving over a pic post to keep my readers entertained. its been far too long since ive done a pic post so i hope you fuckers enjoy.

so here we have model hottie jessie pavelka summoning me to bed to ride his dick until i cum all over those rock hard abs of his.

look at the bulge!! is it just me or does jessie look like hes getting blown by an invisible fudge packer? is that fudge packer dickophile the superfag? yes. it is. in addition to having the strength of a thousand twinks i can turn invisible so as to have my way with uptight and sober straight boys.

then again. maybe hes not so straight? heres jessie with his friend and fellow model matus valent.

i assume matus wheres this to give jessie easy access when they enjoy a little male bonding.

i wonder if i can get ab to pose like this for me....

rain or a bunch of horny gays cumming all over him?

so this is sexy rugger bugger dick bigger er dan biggar. though im sure he has a big dick.

and im sure hes not gay.

and im sure that empty glass isnt for his man friend to cum in so he can drink it.

and im sure he looks really gay here by accident.

and im sure hes not about to engage in a threesome just to see this guy naked. even if he is positioning himself to get fucked.

funny. sometimes after i get fucked really hard i curl up in a ball too.

heres another hot rugger fucker. ben cohen.

from what i can tell ben is running away from a pack of cum hungry fags who wish to use their cute little pink asses to suck the cum out of him. where do i sign up to join these fags? i love the uniforms.

lets move over to the world of football. here we have francesco totti whos dick seems to be in pain. perhaps i should kiss it with my ass lips and make it better?

heres french hottie louis garrel. i have somewhere you can stick that finger louis!

and that tongue!

but only if i can stick my dick in there.

have you guys seen love songs? its really fucking boring but louis makes out with a hot boy in it. alot. he fucks him too but this isnt one of those dirty french movies so sadly we dont get to see that. still if you like louis as much as i do the kissing makes it totally worth watching.

but again. not a dirty french film. so dont expect to see his gorgeous ass in it.

and dont expect to see him on all fours getting fucked either.

as we all know im not into water sports but still. its a pic of his dick.

nice balls! can we get chace crawford to go make some movies in france for a while instead of that footloose thing?

and finally here are some pics from some 70s italian film version of the canterbury tales. yes this ass is nice. but trust me it is not the main attraction of this movie.

no. this is the reason that this movie is in my mind the greatest movie ever. sure i havent seen the actual movie but. i dont need to. i can just look at this dick and tell its the greatest movie ever.

now im sure you're thinking this dick is a fake but apparently its real.

and its not even hard here so who the fuck knows how big it gets.

sure the guy is the definition of fugly.

but with a dick like his i think we should all just take a page out of this lucky bitches book and do the fucker doggy style. so if anyone is interested his name is martin whelar. i belive hes actually british even though the film was italian. so if anyone plans on being in england anytime soon perhaps you should look martin up. i know what you're thinking. its been a few decades so by now hes all old and gross but. like i said. do the fucker doggy style. you wont notice his wrinkly skin.

and finally i just have to ask that if any of my readers have a dick like this i order you to send me a pic. now.

hope you guys enjoyed. now go fuck someting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Fucking Smitten.

he just so fucking adorable!!! looking at him makes my eyes cum.

update: so apparently the video isnt working. ive tried re-embedding the vid like a thousand times now and the fucking thing just wont work. ill try again tomorrow but in the mean time click here if you want to make your eyes cum.

update 2: tried fixing the video but still not working. fuck! it works at but not here. not sure why and i checked the other college life vids i embedded and they work fine. so just go ahead and click the link above. its worth it. the video is both hilarious and cute.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They're Not Dick Pics But Thats Okay Cause Dick Pics Is Dead. And This New World I've Created Is All About The Cum.

so i can only assume that the reason you guys are acting like pussies and not sending me pics is cause any photos you'd send me would be completely devoid of the cock and would have a gaping hole between your legs. which is fine cause one of my readers, a fellow blogger, found some balls and sent me some pics.

is this cum or did he spill some milk on himself?

nope. its cum. but it looks so lonely.

i kid. i kid. our reader didnt shoot much of a load but we cant hold this against him as he had jerked off the day before and so was not in fact full of cum. personally im always full of cum whether i jerked off the night before or not. in fact im so full of cum that when ab gets mad at me he doesnt say im full of shit he says im full of cum. which gets us both horny which is why all our fights end in fucks. but anyway cum is cum and this reader is the first to enter into my search for an ambassadick (cumbassadick?) and for that he is my new favorite! fuck the rest of you bitches. leave me alone with my new favorite. you know i bet hed be a hot fuck if for no other reason than i hate the taste of cum and i think i could stomach a load that small. unless of course this is one of those tricks guys play on you to get you to swallow their junk. now i get it. he wiped all his cum away and then took a pic so we'd all think he doesnt cum that much so when we blow him we'll think hes not gonna cum that much and then we wont make him pull out and then hell just cum buckets and say he doesnt know where it came from cause that usually doesnt happen and it must of been cause we're so fucking hot and how the fuck are you supposed to argue with that kind of logic? see. im on to you!!

p.s. who loves the bachelorette? this fag!! how can you not love a show where some lucky bitch gets to fuck 30 guys? well she doesnt get to fuck them all. but if they did a gay version you know that bitchlorette would totally fuck all the guys.

p.p.s. hope you dont mind that i borrowed your linking technique moji-poo but i always wanted to try it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Like My Men Like I Like My Cocks. Lean And Hairy.

hey fuckers. go check out this hot new blog i found. lean and hairy. its got lots of cock which my ass loves. and the guy who runs it is really hot which my ass loves even more. so go click over there. thats an order bitches.

in other news one of you finally sent me pics which ill post tomorrow sometime. but one dick is never enough. so send me some more pics you fags!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Won't You Guys Send Me Pics?

i guess no one wants their dick to become famous. or any other cum worthy body part for that matter. so far no one has sent pics to become the ambassadick for my cum-filled world. so disappointing. but i refuse to give up hope. im sure at least one of you fuckers wants to spread your hole for the world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Fucker

so just fyi im watching sex and the city as i write this and im totally carrie bradshaw with a cock. im cockie bradshaw!

anyfuck. so even though i said saturday night i was going to fuck that whole i love you shit out of existence it didnt happen. ab was already comfy under the covers. i joined him and what started out as tongue-fucking turned into cuddling turned into me falling asleep in my boyfriends arms. i love him. i mean lust him. i lust him! anyway when we woke up sunday morning ab was horny and wanted a cup o' morning blow job. but horny as i was we got up late and i didnt have time to suck his cock. horrible i know. see my parents went to spend mothers day with my sister. they werent technically invited. well they were but they invited themselves. most likely part of their plan of guilting my sister into coming to visit more often. since i couldnt go i suffered through dinner with mother earlier in the week and ab invited me to spend mothers day with him. which was fine since two of his brothers and his dad id like to fuck me so hard i cum without even touching myself would be there. is it wrong i want ab and his dad to double fuck me? oh well.

so of course he set about trying to seduce me and get my hole puckering. first he tried fingering me while i was getting something to eat in the kitchen which rm didnt seem to appreciate. then he peed in front of me while i was brushing my teeth which turned into him jerking off. then he joined me in the shower and starting kissing my neck which he knows i love. my hole was totally puckering but there just wasnt time.

so finally we left and met his family at the restaurant. it was torture. my cock was hard the whole time. ab kept rubbing it and my wangboner wasnt helped by the other three hunks there.

so after we ate we went back to ab's house. we were all sitting around lazily watching tv when ab snuck off upstairs. a couple minutes later i got a text from him telling me top meet him in his room. so i said i was going to the bathroom and then snuck upstairs. the minute i walked in abs room he shut the door and pushed me against it. he forced his tongue down my throat and i forced my hand down his pants. he was hard and leaking. after he was done raping my mouth he forcibly bent me over his bed. then he ripped my pants down and commenced getting my hole wet with his spit. after he was done eating me out he undid his pants and fucked the shit out of me. it was amazing and spontaneous and knowing his parents were just down stairs made it even hotter. after he came he pulled out and flipped me over. then he forced his still hard cock back inside me and fucked me until i came which didnt take very long. pretty much the minute his hand touched my cock sent me over the edge. luckily i managed to get my shirt off just before i came so no one would know what we were up to. after we cleaned ourselves up we went back downstairs. it was very hot and very kinky and luckily no one seemed to suspect.

i doubt my sister got a good fucking on sunday. bitch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love Him.

no not ab. im talking about josh from college life. hes the cutest and most adorable thing ever. and i love him. well its more like lust really. but you cant have love without lust. besides. love fades. a hard-on is forever. well actually its not. but. you get the fucking point.

and am i the only one that finds his possessive behavior a turn on? i guess its because all my fantasies of josh involve him spanking me, tying me up, and then making me his bitch as he fucks me into a cummy state of bliss.

you know i always thought when i got a boyfriend i wouldnt be so sex crazed all the time but now that ive tasted the cock it seems i think about it even more than i used to. what can i say. i love cock!

I Did Something Bad

and by bad i mean good since it made me cum all over myself. it happened yesterday and i meant to write about it but im too tired. tomorrow though. promise.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Blog Needs A Face. Preferably One Full Of Cum.

so ive decided to give the blog another makeover. and this time i want to add an image to the header. all the other cool blogs have a hot pic for a header and fuck i want one too! and i figure why not have one of you fags be in the pic?! so heres how this is gonna go. i know you bitches hate sending me pics of your dick so im breaking the rules a bit. you can send me a pic of your dick or your ass or chest, or whatever! i dont give a shit as long as it has cum on it! now if you cant make up your mind what cum-covered body part to send me heres a suggestion. watch these two hot vids....

and wherever your cum hits take a pic and send it to me. now fucker!!!

as you send yours pics ill post them. i figure ill give you guys until the end of the month and then ill pick my faves and it put it to a vote for the readers. whatever cum shot has the most votes will be our new header. so are your dicks up for it? well too bad cause i dont give a shit!! you fuckers better send me those pics or there will be hell to pay! ta fuckers!

update: ive moved the vids after the jump since they are too big and play automatically. they're totally hot though so get in here and cum all over yourself.

I Said Fuck You Not I Love You!

something horrible happened earlier. and that something horrible is that i accidentally told ab i love him. its all a blur really. i dont know how i let it happen. we were in my bathroom. i was brushing my teeth and ab was taking a shit because apparently we finally got to the point in our relationship where that type of behavior is acceptable. i was okay when he started pissing in front of me but shitting? personally i have no intention of shitting in front of him cause when he thinks of my ass i dont want him thinking of it doing that. i want him to think of the vice-like grip it has on his cock.

anyfuck. so after he finished doing what one does on a toilet he washed his hands and then came up behind me and gave me a kiss on the neck. and then i heard someone say i love you. what the fuck? and before i could tell ab that i simply didnt feel the same as i usually do when he says i love you (there was the time on valentines day and that other time when he was fucking me and that other time when he was crying and begging me to say it back) i realized something. his lips didnt move. and there was no one else in the room. i had said i love you! i just told ab i loved him. after he took a shit. this simply wouldnt do. and before i could hit him over the head with the nearest blunt object (his penis? my penis?) ab said he loved me too. and kissed me. shit.

ab saying i love you is one thing. but me saying it to him?? fuck no! unacceptable!! so ive been trying to convince him that he was just hearing things. that i said fuck you not i love you. but he was sober at the time for whatever reason so that hasnt been working.

well im gonna go see if i can make ab cum so hard it blows his mind and he totally forgets this entire day and that unfortunate i love you incident. heres hoping my ass can get me out of this one.