Saturday, January 31, 2009

AB's Coming Over

i intend to yell at him, scream at him, and then have some nice angry sex. dont judge me. im horny and i miss my boyfriend. fuck you all.

Cook Loves Freddie To Bits!

lets see. our lesbian isnt a lesbian but one of the twins is. jack is certifiable and the whole lot of them are gayer than tony. and he sucked a guys cock once. well. it was barely long enough to get it hard but still.

it was cooks birthday and everyone came but was totally bored. i was a little bored myself.

cooks sexy lips helped.

is it just me or does he look like hes ready to suck something? swoon.

so lets observe all the gay. i think this definitely qualifies. i dont know what hes doing but he looks like a fruit. gay.

cook giving jj a kiss. gayer.

cook giving jj "the look". but wait. it gets gayer.

cook telling freddie he fucking loves him to bits. so when are these three coming out?

so maybe moji was right. i refuse to give up on the show, but i wasnt as happy with this episode as the last one. dont get me wrong. id let cook stick his cock anywhere, even my armpit. and he wouldnt have to impress me to do it. things got more interesting towards the end but for the most part this one was a fail. and the only nudity we got was some tits hanging out at a strip club/whore house. what it needed was more effie and pandora!!! i know effie is pratically a mute but still. let her do something. all she did this week was dance and make googly eyes at freddie. the best part of the whole thing was when pandora swallowed those drugs. priceless. but mostly it just sucked. we're supposed to be getting to know the characters. that one in the first series with jals family was on of my favorites. and the one with chris finding out his mother left him and telling jal about his dead brother was just heartbreaking. and sids home life was always priceless. but what have we learned about cook? he's a psycho? i figured that out when he set fire to his locker! oh well. next week looks fairly interesting. and they still havent killed anyone so as long as i get to see cook, freddie, or jj naked next week all will be forgiven. dont let me down skins!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Hate Top Chef

they took jeff away from me!!! at least i still have my hunky finnish sausage.

My Boyfriend's Not A Dickhead. He's A Fucking Cunt.

i believe this feeling im having is called being livid. yes. i am livid. why? okay so abs best friend is this this this douche nozzle (in fact lets call him dn) hes known since they were kids. and dn is a whore. on every occasion that ive seen him hes fucking a different girl. now ab spends a lot of time with him. if hes not with me hes likely with dn. and ab even admitted he used to have a crush on him when they were younger. but hes straight so i didnt really care. so yesterday we're on our way to my place but we had to stop by dns because ab needed to get something or other from him. so we get there and as we're walking up to the door you can tell someones getting a blowjob. he was moaning and saying "yeah come on. oh yeah. im close" so ab and i figure hes getting a blowjob and since he was so obviously close wed wait until he was finished. so we do. and when hes obviously done i knock cause im tired of waiting. and guess who walks out? some blond twink. wiping cum off his lips. wtf?! so we got what we needed and left and dn didnt seem embarrassed in anyway. which meant he obviously wasnt some closet case pretending to be straight. so in the car i asked ab what was up. and he said dn was kinda bi-curious or whatever and had hookep up with a couple of guys. and im like how long have you known this? and hes like a while. he never hid it from me. what?! but you hid it from me?! ass fucking cunt shit for brains! so this whole time i thought dn was just some hot nonthreatening straight guy hes actually some hot bi guy constantly hanging around my property!!! i mean boyfriend!

so then im like have you two ever fucked? and he swears no. and im like are you sure. and hes like i swear. well....and im like well what? im so mad at this point the only thing stopping me from killing him is the fact that hes the one driving. other wise i would have pulled over and i would not be writing this post. i would be deleting this blog and any other trace that i ever knew ab. ax would have to go. rm too cause he liked ab too much. and rmgf and i would have to figure out my various alibis. but like i said. ab was driving so that plan is on the back burner. for now......

so im like what the fuck does well mean?!?!?!! so hes like well that one time when ax and i fucked in the back of that car dn was the one driving. and he might have been rubbing his crotch. and he jerked off a little. so im like okay you were in a threesome with this dickhead? and hes like no it wasnt a threesome. he just kinda watched. we didnt touch or anything. nothing else ever happened i swear. hes so lucky i wasnt driving.

so the good news is im like 100% positive that dn is a top. i know you can never tell with these things but i just dont see that hole getting put to much use. and ab doesnt like anything going anywhere near his ass. not even a rim job which works for me cause, okay, even though ive mentioned wanting to go to town on a few delicious asses ive posted on here i really have no intention of ever putting my tongue back there. its....disgusting. unless its cristiano ronaldo. cause hes not like us. he doesnt use it to poop. his ass is merely for our viewing pleasure. kyle xy doesnt have a belly button and crissy doesnt have an asshole. anyway my point is good news two tops hot sex does not make. bad news. ab has to pay. dearly. and tying him up and giving him arguably the hottest sex of his life (cause im sooooo the best lay he'll ever have) is not gonna cut it. bitch has to pay. like really pay. for starters i have not spoken to him since yesterday. so. suggestions?

p.s. rm is in the dog house too. ab came over today so they could go hang out. ab gave me a "hey" and his puppy dog eyes but was smart enough not to approach me. i ignored him and left with rmgf to plot...nothing. anyway i asked her why she let rm get away with that. she apologized for not properly controlling her bitch and promised it wouldnt happen again. whatever. i need a new boyfriend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now To Me This Is Much Dirtier Than If U Seek Amy

its also a lot gayer. cause a bottle is totally a phallic symbol. someone want to make my bottle pop?

p.s. my boyfriends a dickhead. more later.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More On The Breeders Pretending To Be Fags Pretending To Be Breeders

yes im obsessed.

so here we have mojis kurt talking about his various hetero sexcapades.

and here is my honey aj talking about pussies and dicks and taking it up the ass.

but whats most interesting is this article. particularly this:

As a self proclaimed “straight” man, you might think he would keep his work a secret from friends and family. “I have been completely open and honest with my friends and family about my work and there have been no negatives. Although I say I am straight, I really don’t think there’s a name for what I truly am. Besides, I find labels pointless.” When asked what his biggest turn on is, he said, “I am really turned on by people that are sexually open minded.”

and after reading this i remembered that on his myspace, which is now missing, he said something similar about being open to love or some other nonsense. now i will defer to moji on this one since i dont pay too much attention to mr wild but from what i can tell hes never tried to pretend hes open to being with a guy and has always been honest about the wife and kids. aj on the other hand is straight on tyra, but when talking to gays and his fans says hes open. or at least his ass is. so which is the truth? did he feel too threatened on tyra to admit he doesnt think theres a name for what he is? *cough*bi*cough* like ive said before i dont care where they like to stick they're cocks off camera as long as they're honest. but is he being honest? hmm........discuss.

p.s. speaking of gay for pay heres reese rideout being yummy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Matt Smith Likes The Cock. Well No Its A Play. But Still.

come on and fuck me big boy.

but only if you have a big cock. like this big.

don't worry. its that big.

i dont kiss. how about a blow job?

sure you wouldnt rather stick your cock in here?

this is good too.

now fuck me!

Happy Fuckin Blogiversary!

so one year ago today i started this silly little blog. the whole point was to trick hot guys into sharing nude pics with me. and share it with the whole gay world. it was a hard road to get here with some nice hard cocks. and while this blog didnt exactly turn into what i had planed its been a lot more fun than i thought it would be. so thanks fuckers for sticking through it all with me. cause you've been there no matter what. from ranting about pretty pink penises to obsessing over skins and doctor who to treating you guys to hot pictures and videos to get you off like they did me we've all been here for each other. virtually stroking each others cocks. i dont know if ill be here another year or another ten but its been great. so thanks. anyway to celebrate im giving you this cock i've been sitting on...i mean picture ive been sitting on of helmet heads cock getting serviced by some faceless cum slut. i think this and those matt smith pics coming later today are a rather nice gift from me to you.

now fucking congratulate me!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

They're Still Sticking With That Whole "We're Straight!" Thing

but i dont care what they say. and every time aj moves his lips all i hear is "im gay. im a big mo. and when i meet tim frix im gonna fuck him so hard and so deep that when i cum it'll dribble out of his mouth." thats what you hear too, right?

Skins Is Back But Is It Better Than Ever? I Don't Know. What Do I Know? Pandora Is Useless.

so for starters id just like to say that i want you bitches to comment and thank me for this post. you dont have to read it just skip ahead and comment and thank me cause it was hard fucking work putting this together. im exhausted now. so you better fucking appreciate this.

same skins. new kids. these are our three new hunks.

so first we have freddie. freddie is gorgeous. freddie also has a strange bruise. either he got it skateboarding or his father beats him. its skins so it could be anything.

next is cook. cook is dirty hot. hes like tony only more psycho. less brains.

and then jj. jj is like the new sid/anwar. sex crazed and lacking in the looks department. only i find myself in love with him. do you find him adorkable moji?

effie and pandora are back. effie is still kinda evil from what i can tell. she hasnt done anything yet but you can tell theres something brewing in that head of hers. she scares me. she can be your best friend or your worst enemy. pandora is too stupid to even notice. thats why effie likes hers. shes a fun plaything.

so there are some twins too. and one of them might have hooked up with this butchy blonde. except both the twins and the blonde have pussies. yes last time it was fags now its lezzies. because they have in-holes with nothing sticking out i put no effort into finding pics of them. all you need to know about them is that one of the twins is fucking this hot footballer. i want that tongue licking my ass. he needs to be naked next time i see him.

so the boys meet up. i love when guys sit like this showing their crotches. just waiting for someone to crawl between their legs and take care of things. ab sits like this. and i get hard. and have to figtht the urge when someone is around. unless its just rm or rmgf in which case i give in.

i love freddie. hes just so hot. dont deny it moji.

i want to stick my cock in there. dont we all?

we also got to meet this tall hottie. pandora wants him. i hope she gets him. then we can see him naked!

but before that we got to see cock i mean cook misbehave at an assembly.

like effie he is kind of evil. does he want to stick that glue stick in my ass? will i let him?

so cook got his ass out for all to see. apparently theres an inventive tattoo on his cock.

i want to grab it!

freddie and jj are a bit embarrassed.

cook isnt. he even gives us a few thrusts.

hes so proud of his ass. as he should be.

those lips.

those crothces! oh and thats the list of things they have to compete to finish to see who gets to if u seek effie. for the slow that means fuck her.

jj hasnt got a chance in hell.

cook does though.

sadly no ass here. he does ask her to grab his balls though. several times actually. which means i guess she didnt want to. i would have though.

so yeah this episode was definitely good. we'll need to wait a few episodes to decide if its as good as the old skins but at least it wasnt a complete failure. i know this because when i wasnt laughing out loud i was hard and when i wasnt hard i was hard the whole time. so please watch. if youre in the states like me you can watch it here. great quality. now if you'll excuse me im going to cuddle with my boyfriend. im too tired now to fuck. maybe he can grope my ass a bit. and finger me. okay ill let him fuck me but im not doing anything. im just laying there. as is my right. fuck you until next time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

These Are The Things Currently Giving Me A Boner

the most beautiful man on the face of the fucking planet. this is the sexiest thing ever. im making ab do this for me.

i love brennan. hes just. i love him. hes so big and hunky. i want them to stop making fun of him. stupid queeny bitches.

he's so big. i want him to take me. i wan him to bend me over his enormous knees and spank me. i want him to force me on my knees and lick that beautiful bulge.

em asked for a review of this. so is it a must see? no. but its a jerk off vid so what do you expect? masturbation is kinda dull to watch. when two guys wanna get off together do they watch each other wank? no they blow each or play hide the sausage. but i still think that watching him fuck some bitch nice and hard will be a site to see.

so i will soon be watching skins and of course giving you guys one of my skins reviews accompanied by hot pics. this will most likely happen over the weekend. im going to wake ab up with a little sucky sucky so we can fucky fucky. my ass is bored and needs something to do. fuck something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sure It Was A Hot Fuck But Still. The Bitch Had To Be Put In His Place.

so as moji pointed out hot fuck or not "That bitch wouldn't be going to sleep until everyone in the room is finished" and its true. ab should have known better than to roll over and leave my cock hanging. or hard. even if it was one of our hotter fucks. and while i dont like to see ab in pain he brought it on himself. it was out of my hands really. so rmgf agreed to keep rm out for the night and leave me and ab alone so that i could exact my revenge.

so i convinced him that it would be fun to lay back and just let me take care of him. idiot. so i tied him up and gave him a rather impressive blow job. and just when he was about to cum i went and watched damages. i love that show. omg ellen is like insane this year. i think shes gonna kill patty! wait. im forgetting something. oh right. whatshisface. so i went to check on him and he was rather peeved. so i put some porn on for him. i thought this would get him all hot and bothered. i was trying to be nice. really i was. but it turns out its not so fun when youve got a boner but you cant actually touch it. oh well. at least it wasnt me. he kept begging me to untie him which kinda got to me. cause i couldnt hear the tv. i should have gotten a gag. so after the porn was off and his cock was rock hard i just couldnt resist anymore. and really he had suffered enough. well. no. not really. but i have the rest of our lives together to make him miserable. plus by then i had started watching nip tuck and i was horny.

so i took his cock for a ride and he sure was enjoying himself. he kept bucking like a bronco trying to fuck me wildly. it was hot. and every time i thought he was about to cum i pulled him out and went to sit on his face. his cock was starting to get sore so i finally went in for the finish. we both came really hard. my bed was drenched in cum and sweat. i finally untied him...and made him wash my sheets. now if you'll excuse me ive been a bad boy today so im going to get my spanking. fuck you all.

I Was Wrong. All Three Of Them Are Gay.

video of the hot new skins boys after the jump. jump!

Life's Hard For A Bottom

i cant wait to see him fuck a boy. but i feel bad for that boy cause he'll probably walk away from the experience bleeding from his ass. oh the things we endure for a hot fuck.

Title Should Go Here But I Can't Think Of One

i should totally be giving you guys a post about tying my boyfriend up and getting sexual revenge. but i dont feel like it so fuck you and check back for that post tomorrow. now i should probably go untie my boyfriend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Orgy

okay so i dont even know if any of you even care about this story since you didnt comment or ask about it after i mentioned it in my last post. maybe you didnt even read my last post. but anyway on saturday night ab and i went to this small party at ax's house. ax has this house that he got with these 4 other guys. i call them the slut brigade. the walls cant talk cause theres too much cum on them.

anyway we got there and hung out. ab had a few drinks. there was this one hot guy (ohg) there that i guess used to hook up with one of ax's roommates and he was seriously flirting with me. which meant ab was grabbing, groping, and holding me close. he can be very territorial. im surprised hes never tried to pee on me. and no i dont want him too. ill watch it in porn on occasion but. no. there are just some things i will not do.

so i didnt mind really. i thought it was cute that ab was jealous. and kinda hot that he was making sure ohg (who was really, really hot and told me he had an eleven inch cock. axs roomie said more like 10 but whatever.) knew he was the only one who got to fuck my mouth with his tongue. though ohg didnt seem so much disappointed as turned on. whatever.

so well the good stuff came later on. it was about 1am and there were only like 11 or 12 people still there. the horniest of the bunch. there had been a more people earlier but two of the roomies left taking them with. i think some went to a club and the others went to another party. some of the guys that had stayed were upstairs hooking up and ab and i were downstairs sitting on the couch with ax and a few others. the tv was on but mostly every was talking sex. specifically ax was mentioning places hes fucked. in a park, at his school, backseat of a car. while someone was driving it. and yeah that last one was with ab. anyway ax put on some porn (hotter than hell) and well you can guess what happened. he started making out with this bi-guy whos girlfriend did not seem to mind. yes there was pussy in the house. next thing i know shirts are coming off and crotches are being rubbed. mine actually. ohg was sitting next to me making out with this guy and instead of taking care of the rather obvious boner in his make out buddies tenting pants he decided to grab my crotch. so ab grabbed me and we went home. orgy pooper. i guess i cant blame him for not wanting to share his toys. i dont mind sharing my joystick but i sure as shit am not sharing his.

so we got back to my place and ab ambushed me on my couch and was sucking my face off. i sucked off his cock a little but he wasnt into foreplay. he threw me back lifted up my legs and the fucking commenced! ab was jack hammering my ass. he was a real beast. he didnt seem to care if i was enjoying it or not he was just fucking me to cum. and then rm and rmgf got home. rm said hey and went straight to his room. rmgf said she wanted to watch so she could see the mechanics of it all. i need to get that girl some gay porn. so we went to our room and she was a bit disappointed. anyway ab resumed fucking the shit out of me and when he was done rolled over on his back exhausted. i took care of myself. and then cuddled up to the snoring cutie.

so yeah my first time at an orgy and i didnt get to enjoy it. but thats okay because ab is enough man for me. next time im single though. well....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love And Other Disasters (AKA The Greatest Movie EVER!!)

love and other disasters is the greatest gay film ever. no. greatest film ever. i woke up early yesterday at like 7am or some other ghastly hour. and i couldnt get back to sleep. and the greatest thing about a boyfriend is that you have someone there to make as equally miserable as you. but he just wouldnt wake up. he drank a bit much the night before and so was muttering something about fucking which i thought was a come on but he didnt even seem to have morning wood. so it must have been fuck off not fuck me. boo! i would have woken up rm but hes a real bitch if you wake him up. he growls and bites. which under different circumstances would be very hot.

so i woke up rmgf and she understood. a fag hag is a vital part of any gay mans life because they get you and even when your limp dickhead boyfriend wont keep you company they will.

so we didnt know what to do so we decided to watch love and other disasters which is some movie i remember seeing a trailer for ages ago but never heard about again. i knew it was a gay film so i didnt expect much but its rated r so i was hoping for nudity. but rmgf pulled the covers down on ab who at this point was laying on his stomach so we could have something fun and firm and punchable just in case the movie started to bore us. this girl is a genius!

but there was no need to look at abs gorgeous ass. because this is the greatest movie ever. it puts every other gay or gay themed film ive ever seen to shame. and there were only two hot guys in it. and there was no fucky fucky like in eating out or another gay movie but it was so fucking good. we couldnt stop laughing. ab even left and went to sleep on the couch cause our laughs woke him up. well that and me spanking his ass because sometimes when youre laughing hard you need to spank something. but whatever. so how to sum up the movie. well it has certain twists and i dont want to blow them like i blew ab later to make up for the spanking. (see how did that? that was so witty! im so witty and hot and horny. you really should join the seven other wonderful people who follow this blog.) so this movie is brills babies because its got all my fave things. brits, gays, and catherine tate. yes the doctor donna is fucking ace in this. so basically its about a girl who lives in london and all her friends. so shes sleeping with her ex because he fills a void. literally. her words. shes dirty like that. which is why i fell in love with this movie from the start. so then theres her gay roommate who falls in love with a guy he bumps into and doesnt even speak to. then theres her girlfriend who hates her rich mother and is getting naughty calls from a guy at her phone company. and lastly the one with aids. but hes hot so whatever. and basically the girl meets this guy that she thinks is gay but isnt and sets him up with her roomie only mr breeder aint fucking that ass and it all gets quite confusing. and genius. and there are farts. you have to watch it to understand. and yes it sounds like eating out but its sooooooooo much better. here is the trailer.

and the only problem is that even though i love brittany murphy here her accent bugged me for the first hour and a half of the movie and then i realized! she sounds just like sienna miller in factory girl. it was weird. but whatever.

so yes this movie is now showing on the showtime channels so i order you to watch it. and then tell me how right i was about this wonderful movie. also remind me to tell you about the orgy we went to on saturday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

60 Percent Of Voters Found The New Doctor Fuckable

so the matt smith hotness poll is closed. we had 10 votes. 4 were not aroused but 6 found him hot. so the decision has been made. if i ever see matty boy walking around alone some dark dreary night i will kidnap him and take him back to my lair and make dirty love to him. i will take his sonic screwdriver into my tard-ass and ride him so hard and so fast his cum will explode out of his cock like the earth exploded in that one episode.

anyway heres the new doctor finally getting to fuck rose.

well now im horny so im gonna go play doctor who with my boyfriend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Figures My Favorite Song Of Hers Would Be The One About Fucking

me: what does if you seek amy mean?

rmgf: fuck me.

me: uh. rather not. pussy scares me.

rmgf: no it means fuck me. f-u-c-k me!

me: ohhhhhh! well no wonder i like it so much.

rmgf: la la la la la la la la la la la

me: haha hehe haha ho!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shirtless Matt Smith For You (The Doctor Needs To Work Out A Bit)

so here we have the eleventh doc shirtless.

not too bad. he needs a six pack but i could. this is from the first series of secret diary of a call girl which coincidentally stars billie piper aka rose the doctors old companion. freaky. maybe the doctor used the tardis to travel to this dimension where rose is a hooker so he could finally fuck her? or not. more shirtless pics here. keep voting in the poll!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bros And Socials And Basses Oh My!

oh and there were true beauties too. so i know not all of you like it when i go off on telly inspired rants but if you love me you'll bear with me.

so the bromance boys were pmsing. i love that show for its hotness (its like watching sean cody without the fucking) but it might get old soon. especially if they dont keep their promise of hot tub eliminations that they totally broke last night. the city was seriously lacking some alex. i have a feeling we wont be seeing him again. and i only got to see adam for like a minute. and he was fully clothed!!!

here are some pics of adam in case you have no idea who im talking about and why him being fully clothed is a senn. which happens to be his last name.

and jay continues to annoy me. but olivia continues to amaze me with her complex levels of bitchery. (her and her cousin were a highlight last night as always) but i cant call her the bad guy cause whitney is letting jay emasculate her. or uhm defeminate? huh? whatever. all i know is that whitney is behaving like lauren would. and whitney is better than that. whitney has a brain. whitney is supposed to be the next anna wintour not the next carrie bradshaw pretending like shes an independent woman when really all she wants is a man. but anywho i really hope olivia succeeds in breaking up whitney and jay. i also hope she manages to give us more shirtless adam. how? i dont know.

but on to more important new york happenings! gossip girl is back and boy did i miss her. nate was gone. but. wait. there is no but. nate being gone is unacceptable!! we did however have a hot thirty-something who was seriously bordering on pedophilia. but hes hot and she is 18 now so its okay. but really i cannot believe blair hooked up with the older slightly hotter bass!!! i dont blame her though. and now we know that she doesnt have a chuck weakness she has a bass weakness. which means she may have let daddy bass fuck her too. but i guess that secret went with daddy to his grave. oh and can i have my own doroda please? love her.

but let us not forget true beauty. a smorgasbord of male hotness and bitchy woman. will it be a guilty pleasure or just bad? remains to be seen. what else remains to be seen? joels cock. i need to see it. and feel it. and suck it and fuck it and hold it and well you get it. i was sure a quick google image search would turn up a bunch of half naked homoerotic shots of him but sadly nothing came up. yet. give the gay mafia time. and all his bits and pieces will be revealed.

anyway my boyfriend is horny. so yeah i better go take care of that. real world tomorrow with trannies and gays and soldier boys oh my!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Brittish Make Me Horny (This Includes A Skins Rant, Bear With Me)

where to start. well last week i finally watched the skins finale. yep after all the posts ranting about the show i put off watching the finale for several months. why? even though i said i enjoyed the season (and i did. sorta) those bitches went and killed chris. and then. well i took a break from the show looked back on series 2 and realized it was shit. compared to series 1, the second series was a right shit. sure things like seeing mitchy hewys ass and seeing nicky houltys ass and seeing anwar dressed as mitchy and having sketch and pandora around satiated me for a while but after they killed chris i opened my eyes and realized they fucked the show up. they turned tony into an amnesiac which was fun for a while but got old, they sent cassie off to new york, they killed chris, knocked up jal (which would have been okay if they hadnt killed chris but they did. they killed him), and they didnt pay enough attention to maxxies love life. a chav boy snog and a twinky boyfriend who appears for all of two seconds do not a love life make. and then when i finally watch the finale i thought yay!! they fixed it. tony and sid stealing a coffin? yes! maxxie and anwar and the whathisface boyfriend running off to london? love it!! even though they left sketch behind. but then just when they lulled me back into a state of skins bliss they fucked it up. tony and michelle? they broke up. or not. i dont know what that shit was. and in the biggest fuck you to the audience or at least to me they didnt even show us if sid found cassie. i think he may have but then again. its sid. hes slow. he may not have seen her. i dont know i just wasnt satisfied. they killed chris for fucks sake!!! anyway how did you guys feel? i guess it doesnt matter. cause its out with old and in with the new.

at least the new boys are hot.

and look. a trailer!!

and the fuck scene in the bathroom? oh my god!! the old skins may be dead but long live the new skins!!!! (even if the boys all seem to be straight).

in other news. we have a new doctor too. and hes young. and possibly hot. i cant decide.

he does look dashing.

and why not have a young doctor? (hes 26 which is like the youngest ever) i was in love with christopher eccleston, but david tennant did nothing for me. sure i liked him as the doctor but if we're talking sex i would have passed. this one on the other hand intrigues me.

and even though his hotness is admittedly in question i can totally see those lips sucking on my cock and frenching my ass.

but since i cant decide for sure that means a poll!!! the old one was fun. 13 voted. 1 agreed with me and thought seeing our fave tops bottom ruined their hotness. 3 accepted it. and 9 thought it was hot. these 9 of course were tops who like the idea of making a butch top their bitch. cant blame them. but now i wanna know if you'd like to make the new doctor your bitch. are we looking forward to 2010 or are we glad hes not taking over just yet? anyway. gossip girl tonight! so im a happy boy.

update: heres the matt smith interview. he seems very flabbergasted :) hes cute but he must get a haircut!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Marcus Patrick: Is He Hard Or Is It Just That Big?

so heres some music video/porno thingy with b.scott and marcus patrick. trannies scare me but this one is my hero!! she is totally my new favorite because she got marcus about as close to doing porn as he'll probably ever get. and gay porn at that! and his butt crack makes a very nice cameo towards the end. it is the hottest crack you will ever see. and i so want him to spank after seeing this. well i always wanted him to spank me but now i know it would be even hotter than i imagined.

B. Scott's "Circus" Fantasy Feat. Marcus Patrick from LOVEBSCOTT.COM on Vimeo.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Horny New Year!!

happy new year bitches!!!

so where to start? well for me the last day of '08 started the way all days should start. with a tongue knocking on my backdoor. gotta love ab. he knows how to keep his bitch happy. so after some sucking, fucking, screaming, reaming, and cum shooting rm and rmgf seemed to cum at about the same time. now this was not the first time id heard these two fuck but, it was definitely the most interesting. rmgf even called rm daddy. now when guys do that in gay porn its hot, but when she did it all i could seem to think of was rmgf's dad doing...well something you should not do to your daughter. anyway ab and i decided against fucking with that nasty imagery in our heads. leave it to the breeders to stop gays from enjoying themselves.

anyway rmgf and i spent most of the day lounging around while the idiots, er boyfriends got things ready for the impending invasion of our party guests. rmgf and i decided to come up with some new years fucks. like new years resolutions only specific to the guys youd like to fuck after you get rid of the dead weight. hers were all the american olympians and mine were all the gossip guys. young and old. im not picky.

the party was quite fun and ax and jock were there. so was jocks new girlfriend. can you say awkward? i felt bad for her but shes pretty and im sure in a few years she and jock can look back on this and laugh while sitting on their couch in their hip new york apartment while their faggy friend screeches like a howler monkey. no wait. thats will and grace. this real life situation will probably end in disaster not 8 years of laughs. oh well.

so as the new year approached i have to say i was kinda sorta emotional? i had some sort of happy, weird emotion thingy i hadnt felt before so im not sure what to call it. the point is for the first time i had a guy, a hot guy, to tongue when the clock struck 12. so as taylor swift and joe "fuckable again since he shaved and got a haircut" jonas ignored each other i grabbed rm and tongue fucked that bitches mouth like it was the last time (cause i knew he would never let me get that close again). ab didnt notice though cause rmgf was keeping his mouth occupied. i dont know that rm enjoyed himself (he has gay cooties now) but ab was a good sport and even gave rmgf a little dip. then the bitch touched his ass and i had to shew her away cause that was not in the agreement.

anyway 09 rang in without a hitch and after we kicked out our guests ab and i enjoyed our first fuck of the new year. so how was your new years? wait. i dont care. fuck you all.

p.s. is anyone else glad polislag is back?