Monday, August 23, 2010

Blond's Have More Fun, Crissy Has A Big Dick, And Jasmine Lennard Is My Hero.

so over the weekend i found out that my fave 90210 stud is coming out and i may need to get a bigger dildo to prepare for my eventual affair with crissy.

so i read a while ago that someone on 90210 was going to be gay but i assumed it would be someone i wouldnt care about because its always someone i dont care about. like on rubicon. why cant james badge dale be the cocksucker? anyway it turns out the powers that be have decided to take advantage of the gayest face on the show and are finally giving me a gay character to lust after. trevor donovan's teddy is going to be a poof. the good news is that trevor is the hottest guy on the show.

the bad news is the powers that be obviously have no fucking clue how gay culture works. if you watch the show you know that teddy was head over heals for silver but his dad didnt like her and told him to break up with her. and then teddy got pissed cause she broke up with him and tried to get her back. this is not gay. when you're gay and in the closet the biggest problem is the whole girlfriend thing. you dont want one cause girls are icky but not having one makes your parents and everyone else ask questions. so its pretty much every gay guys wet dream to have parents insist you not date anyone so you can focus on your tennis career. then you wait until you go to wimbeldon and fuck novak djokovic. you do not go out of your way to get a girlfriend!!!!!

also this is supposed to be his boyfriend.

eh. hes not ugly but he doesnt give my manpuss palpatations. but i guess you take what you can get when you're in the closet like trevor er i mean teddy.

but really. she's so pretty. i think she could do better. lets just hope liam gets drunk one night and they fool around.

i want to eat your penis.

trevor that purse doesnt go with your shirt.

it would however go with this pink shirt. fag.

excuse me while i go play with myself.

okay im back. so now on to a very important matter of business. is he top or bottom?

well here he looks really excited to get fingered by that....thing. but that doesnt mean anything. those guys on sg4ge let girls play with their buttholes all the time but they always do the fucking.

but here hes practically shoving his ass in this guys crotch.

yeah hes a bottom. why do the ones i like always take it up the ass?

speaking of cum holes. heres crissy blowing me a kiss all the way from madrid. i love you too crissy!!!!!

why cant that be my cock?

i hate this bitch.

crissy: i think i might be gay. i really hate your pussy and ive been thinking about cock all day.

crissy - please can i fuck tim in the ass?
bitch: no!

so if anyone knows any hot portuguese guys who look like crissy please send them my way cause this bitch is seriously cock blocking.


Anonymous said...

if you want more portuguese hung cock look for andre villas boas. enjoy his attire!

dickophile said...

mmmmm. hes yummy.

Anonymous said...

All of these guys in this montage are quite handsome! I'd love to take all of them on, esp. Cristiano!

Anonymous said...