Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now That I'm In An Open Relationship I'm Inviting These Guys Over. Two For My Ass And One For My Mouth.

if i have to tell you who this is you dont deserve to be gay.

he must be wearing a hat cause his ass is tired from being raped everywhere he goes.

since you're puckering can i go ahead and sit on your face now?

so my obsession with leandro maeder has been reignited after seeing his episode of rachel zoe again a couple of weeks ago.

work it girl!!!!!

is it wrong that im licking my computer screen right now?

his bulge looks small but thats fine. he can just shove that cell up my ass.

and now im puckering.

oh my god becky look at that butt!!!!!

so while chace and leandro are in my ass nick will be fucking my mouth.

put it in your mouth! put it in your mouth!!! no wait. those arent good for you. put me in your mouth!!!

so by now i think it should be clear that seeing a guy sitting down with his legs spread makes me get on my knees and start blowing. if he wants me to or not. ask rm.

oh god. that tongue. just stick it in my ass.

well i hope you guys enjoyed that. i have to go find a penis to swallow.

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